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Music to Write to

Published 06/05/2012 by Lily Crussell

I have been asked several times what kind of music I listen to when I’m writing, and I think it was Stephanie Meyer that was so vocal about Muse when she wrote that the two became interlinked.

I have different music depending upon my mood. As I’m currently working on ‘Of Blood and Feathers’ I need something that I like, but it’s too distracting. Recently I’ve been listening to Charlie Simpson’s ‘Young Pilgrim’ on repeat, the Silent Hill 2+3 OSTs if I need to get in a creepy/depressing/sad mood. Josh Groban is also great to have on in the background. 30 Seconds to Mars are always on my playlist, but I find I can’t writ too well when I have them on as I get so absorbed in the music.

I’ve also recently gotten back into Sophie B Hawkins, The Backstreet Boys (lol), Jack Jone’s ‘Waiting, wishing’, Incubus (the older stuff), The Crow original soundtrack.

Fightstar’s Grand Unification is also a great one if you are writing something distopian as the whole album has that feel to it.

What are you listening to right now?

Love and Hugs x

Who’s who

Published 29/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

I got asked recently for my ideal cast if ‘Of Darkness and Light’ was ever made into a film so I have put together my dream cast. Some are obviously a little off as I’ve had to fill in blanks. They’re all wonderful imaginary friends, so no one really looks like them, but I’ve picked actors I love. They can always dye their hair or get contacts ;p


No one will ever fit this role if it’s made in Hollywood. She’s a NORMAL girl with no airs and graces who you could pass on the street and not look twice at. She is a REAL girl, no jabs, tucks, nothing. And she never would either. So I am completely stumped as all actresses are so pretty and made up etc that I can’t see anyone but me as her. Obviously I wrote her when thinking of myself. I’m too old and can’t act so Elora is a blank. If you have any ideas, please let me know as I’d be interested!


This one is easy, but I am torn between casting him as Lucifer or Barachiel as I think he would be perfect for both (obviously with some dye and contacts!) Jackson Rathbone! He was WASTED in Twilight. He is capable of so much more! Plus he has green eyes!

Image Detail

He even has the angelic eyebrow raise down cold. Plus! He can sing! Very important for an Angel, and Lucifer does give us a little of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. Jackson would have that down cold. Check out his band ‘100 Monkeys’ the boys have a wicked sense of humour and their music is incredibly eclectic.


My dear Barachiel. Someone who is obsessive about their appearance to the point of almost arrogance. If the lovely Jackson could be cloned, I would have him as Barachiel as well. His build is perfect. But I must stop drooling over the lovely Jackson (who incidentally may or may not have been a physical inspiration for a character in one of my other books….)

So, we need; tall, slim, looks amazing in a suit, is capable of devastating sarcasm and an undercurrent of sweetness and compassion. Must have an obsesseion with espressos too… I’m struggling if I’m honest. My biggest problem is age. All the actors I can think of are too old which is a real shame.

The actor who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones is pretty damn near perfect apart from the age constraint;

Image Detail

As Jamie he is arrogant, dashing and blonde…


I have two problems with my choice of Raziel. One being age. The other a slight case of Death. My beloved Brandon Lee. If you haven’t see The Crow (and are old enough) rent out a copy. Anyone who doesn’t fall in love with Eric Draven has no heart! It is the ultimate story of love, making Romeo and Juliet look like a case of bad teen angst!

Dark hair, tall, slim, toned from Jeet Kune Do (he’s the son of Bruce Lee) and Grey eyes! He ticks every box.

Image Detail


Thomas was physically based on a guy I knew very briefly. He was a devout Christian and incredibly good. I didn’t know him well enough to find out if he was anything like Thomas, but it was enough for my imagination to run away with.

Actor wise…curly hair, blue eyes, slightly manic….

I can only think of someone who is much too old, by about 20 years. Plus, any excuse to talk about the lovely Tom Ellis. He’s an English actor who is most famous for being in the sitcom Miranda (look it up, it’s hilarious!) and he has brown eyes 😦 But here is a picture of the ridiculously handsome man himself, maybe I could get a time machine?;

Image Detail

Well, all in all, that was an epic failure, but there is some nice eye candy for you all! Can any of you come up with a dream cast list?

Love and Hugs

Lily x