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New Book (or not)

Published 06/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

Somewhere in the madness of giveaways, competitions and making swag, I actually almost forgot the reason for it. I want to be a published author. I want people to read my work. Duh.

I had a very good writing day on Wednesday and wrote about 10 thousand words, which isn’t bad. The problem is, it wasn’t on a book that’s anywhere near finished. I am driving myself a little crazy because I can’t focus on one thing for more than five minutes. I know this is a symptom of depression, and due to the fact that they’re messing with my meds again (You don’t have to be crazy to be here, but it helps) I can’t sit still.

So to all those I have waiting to be Beta readers, it might be a little while longer than I anticipated. Grrrr!

BUT, check out my awesome tees I made yesterday! I’m wearing one now!

unfortunately the quality of the transfers wasn’t perfect as I burned them in a couple of places, but it’s all good and not that noticeable. I also broke the iron, so will be going out to buy my parents a new one. That’ll be a blow to the wallet I don’t need, but c’est la vie.

ALSO! I have joined squidoo. I don’t quite get it yet, but I have put a lens (page) up about my charm bracelets and will be adding more once I get used to it. It seems like a fun premise and kept me out of trouble for half an hour so it’s all good!

Love and hugs


P.S Had to give up on FAQ Friday due to a lack of questions. If you have any, message me or leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them on here as and when!

PPS; I had 460 downloads on Sunday alone last week when the book was free, so I’m thrilled about that. I’ve had 6 people borrow it, and 11 downloads between monday-today. The book is only 99p/$1.50 so take a chance on an indie author who has NO support from an agent or publishing house. I’m having to do all this from scratch having had no idea what I’m doing. It’s a steep learning curve, and along with having to hold down a full time job I loathe, it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes. In total, I’ve made about £40 from over 3600 downloads. That’s nothing. I’ve spent about £1500 on promotion, editing etc. This is what I want more than anything, but us indie’s need your help!


Giveaways coming out of my ears.

Published 04/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

I LOVE giving stuff away. I absolutely love it, so go support my fanpage on facebook and you could win some SWAG! And I have more coming. I might have to put a limit on it soon though as postage is costing me more than rent, food and everything else put together! Stupid expensive mail service!

Love you all x

Bad Writing Day

Published 03/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’m working on a new manuscript. By new, I mean it’s not related to ‘Of Darkness and Light’ but it’s not new in the sense that I’ve written it recently. It’s one that has been sitting in various states on my laptop for about a year now. I decided it’s the closest to being finished and would make sense to work on it and get it out to agents. Unfortunately I am completely stuck. The ending I had previously written…sucks, for want of a better word. It doesn’t work, it’s messy and I don’t like it. The problem is, I now have a HUGE gap in the manuscript and can’t think my way out of it without using what I would call a ‘lazy’ idea. Something too blatant or conventional.

I was hoping to get it out to beta readers by the end of the week, but I’m not happy with it. The problem is, I can’t ask anyone for help without giving the whole plot away and I’m seriously worried about plagarism (It’s an idea that I don’t think has been covered recently (or at all) in YA fiction) I was really excited about it, but now that I’m stuck, it’s annoying the high heck out of me.

Rant over.

Anyway, head over to my facebook fan page as I’m having tonnes of giveaways at the moment in the form of caption competitions with some great prizes. (I’ve spent over £200 on postage over the last fortnight…oops!) So go take a gander. You can always use anything you win for giveaways on your own site/blog/review page.

What are you listening to at the moment? I’m completely in love with the album ‘Ex-girlfriends’ by Low Millions. I love Adam Cohen who is the singer of the band. He usually does his own albums, but I found this on Amazon and can’t stop listening to it! Love it!

Love and hugs

Lily x

A Place to Write (or in this case, make bookmarks)

Published 26/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’ve just been reading an article in a writing magazine about the spaces in which people write and whether they think it’s important to have a separate place to write.

Annoyingly, my bedroom is my office, dining room, living room etc etc ad infinitum. And it’s blooming tiny! I can just about fit my bed, desk and tv etc in, but it’s a serious struggle. Kids, don’t move out of your parent’s home, because if you do, they’ll give your room to your younger brother and you get the crappy little box room. Rant over.

Anyhoo, I’ve added some pictures to show you how hard it is to fit everything in…but I manage. It’s not ideal for writing in due to the lack of space. I can’t spread things out like I need to as my desk barely fits my laptop on it, and my bed is often a desk/dinner table/work space. As I am currently on a bookmark making spree, it makes things even worse as I think have a laminator, guillotine and a thousand pieces of paper to contend with. I’m thinking of starting a charity appeal for a bigger space! (I’m kidding) ‘Writers all over the world are having to try to write in the most adverse conditions. YOU can change this. For just £2 a month, you could buy a writer a bigger desk, a better laptop or a printer that isn’t useless. Please, give generously…’ Lol.

So, here is my room. I thought you might all get a giggle from how ridiculous it is and get rid of any preconceived ideas that being a writer is remotely glamorous or sexy. It’s not even close to either. Maybe that changes when you get published. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to move out of the ‘rents spare room and actually have a HOUSE! Or not. We shall see.

Love and Hugs

Lily x

I am stood right against the door to take this, just about everything I own has to be shoverd under the tiny (not quite single as it’s so small) bed.

The view from my bed. The box is over the stairs so thankfully there is somewhere to put my tv etc.

Awful corner desk! Filing cabinet (that holds my millions of rejections) is also used as a printer stand/vanity unit and general dumping area.


So where do you write if you’re so inclined? x

100th Post! And FREE EBOOK!

Published 24/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

Wow. 100 Posts! You poor people!

More importantly! My ebook ‘Of Darkness and Light’ will be FREE (YES FREE!!!!!) Next weekend. PLEASE ensure you tell everyone you know that likes paranormal romance and YA/Teen fiction because…IT’S FREE! Even if you hate it, you haven’t paid for it so it’s all good! 30th June to 1st July on Amazon. Just search my name or ‘Of Darkness and Light’ on Amazon and you’ll find it.

Just incase you haven’t been paying attention;


I spoil you lot! Love you all x

I was intending to keep with the kitten theme, but couldn’t find a picture of Johnny Depp with a Kitten. So here is Johnny Depp with a dead Raven/Crow on his head. Not a happy bunny as they’re my favourite birds. I’m hoping they’re fake.

Image Detail

Something I don’t understand; Why is he called The Lone Ranger if he always has Tonto with him? ;p


Published 16/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

Oh my! I’m nearly at 800 Likes on my fan page! WOW!

When I get to 800 (the 800th will get some swag) I will start doing some mini giveaways for mugs and tote bags! YAY! Uber exciting, if I can bear to part with them.

I’m getting very annoyed with myself as I keep starting new books! I need to finish writing one before I start a new one, but it isn’t working like that at the moment. Grrrr! I need someone to stand over me with a whip *coughDTcough* and MAKE me finish things. Not easy when I get enthused about a new idea, but I’m trying. The novel I have almost finished really needs the attention and is currently in limbo with large chunks that need filling in. Bad times.

Don’t forget the Trailer comp peeps, there are some AWESOME prizes to be won!


Love and Hugs

Lily x



Trailer Entries

Published 03/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’ve had two entries already which I have popped links for below;

Very excited! Everyone is so talented! I wouldn’t even know where to begin making something like that! x