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Holy crap!

Published 13/08/2012 by Lily Crussell

I have been writing madly (between bouts of serious procrastination whilst looking at 9gag.com, buzzfeed and cracked.com lol) and have written 101,741 words in about two weeks. That is insane! Ok, I’m not going to lie, most of it is trash! It’s pretty much a fantasy story (not unicorns etc, I mean if I could write my own life, what I would like to happen) Might stick a unicorn in it though as if I could write my own life, there would be unicorns.

Having a giveaway on my fanpage on facebook. We’re at 1028 Likes! It’s insane!

Also, have my beta readers reading my newest completed work, so it’s just a case of waiting for that to come back.

Love and hugs

Lily x



Norman Reedus Gif of the day! (Care of http://normanreedusgifs.tumblr.com/) Love it!

Yep That’s Norman and Alan Rickman,


Caption Comps

Published 18/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’ve gone caption comp crazy on my fanpage;


You can choose the prize if you win the one today (I’ll be drawing it tomorrow morning!)

Go take part and win some swag!

Lily x


This is the picture we’re using; (mmmmmmmmm Norman Reedus…….)

Common myths about Vegans…DEBUNKED!

Published 08/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

Study of 2068 Vegans Helps Debunk Six of the Most Common Myths

By | May 15, 2012                        | Categories: Health and Nutrition, Veganism

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Overall experience of vegan diet

Vegan From the Inside is a 2011 survey conducted by nutrition expert Janice Stanger Ph.D. that shatters six common myths about the vegan diet. 2,068 vegans from the United States and around the world candidly share their joys, rewards, and challenges. The findings of this study will give vegans greater resolve for the lifestyle they have chosen and prospective vegans greater confidence in making that transition. Here are the six myths and the study findings that debunk them:

MYTH ONE: Vegans are pale, weak, and unhealthy because their diet lacks protein and other vital nutrients.

Survey Says:

  • 68.6% of respondents noted they got healthier after starting a 100% plant-based diet, yet only 1.6% said their health declined. Most of the other respondents had excellent health before beginning a plant-based eating plan, and answered that their health continued at that same desirable level.
  • 64.3% rate improving or maintaining health as a very important reason to remain vegan.
  • 55.2% said their energy level increased after going animal-free, as opposed to only 2.2%
  • who said their energy level decreased.
  • 44.2% enjoyed increased physical activity after adopting a vegan diet.

MYTH TWO. A vegan diet has too many “carbs” to be effective for weight loss.

Survey Says:

  • 42.1% of respondents lost weight they wanted to lose after going plant-based. Another 36.3% started at their ideal weight – and stayed there. Only 5.3% stated they gained weight after starting a vegan diet.
  • 73.4% enjoy cooking more since going animal-free. This is important for weight loss because dieters generally have better control over food ingredients and the amount they eat when they cook themselves.

MYTH THREE. A vegan diet is boring.

Survey Says:

  • 96.7% of respondents enjoy the food they eat on a vegan diet.
  • 94.4% intend to stay on a 100% plant-based diet for the rest of their life.

MYTH FOUR. A vegan diet is all about deprivation and lower quality of life.

Survey Says:

  • Again, just about every respondent enjoyed their food and virtually all intend to stay on their eating plan forever.
  • Plant-based eaters indicated other rewards of their diet, including enjoying cooking more (73.4%), making a difference for animals (90.8%) and the environment (86.3%), feeling closer to animals and nature (70.5%), helping others by being a good role model (69.6%), and feeling more spiritual (41.6%).

MYTH FIVE. A vegan diet requires a high level of discipline and is difficult to stick to in the long-run.

Survey Says:

  • According to 64.5% of respondents, transitioning to a plant-based diet required some effort. 10.3% said it took a lot of effort, while 24.9% noted the transition was effortless for them.
  • Over time, not much discipline is required to remain vegan; 61.2% observe staying on a vegan diet on an ongoing basis is effortless. Only 3.2% say it takes a lot of effort.
  • The percentage who find staying vegan effortless rises the longer people stay on a plant- based diet.

MYTH SIX. Vegans can’t enjoy eating out or other social get-togethers.

Survey Says:

    • While 60.2% indicate eating out is less convenient, many respondents wrote in the strategies they have developed to overcome this.
    • The most common reaction that vegans see when someone learns they are animal-free is curiosity, followed by surprise and willingness to accommodate. These responses can build social bonds.

Download the pdf of the full study report.

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3.5 Review! YAY!

Published 02/05/2012 by Lily Crussell

I think this calls for ‘OMG Exited’ kitten!

I have added the review here, but it can be found in its original form here; http://alittlebitofrnrreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/review-of-darkness-and-light-shadow-of.html

‘My Review  The story begins with Elora being followed and attacked by an invisible force, only hearing the song of wings beating. She starts to think that she is imagining it because there are no bruises or marks left from the attack.   Elora leaves school one afternoon and notices that she is being followed, but this time by an actual person. A beautiful male person. Turns out this beautiful male is an angel named Raziel. She has never been a religious person so Elora doesn’t know what to believe. The attacks continue and each time, the assailant is invisible. Raziel believes they are Nephilim, a half mortal half angel breed, believed to have never existed.

Raziel reveals to Elora that he has been waiting centuries for her. Their relationship is wonderful until Raziel mysteriously disappears. Elora searches all over for him to no avail. She then suffers another brutal attack from the invisible creature.  Elora believes that the Nephilim are responsible for his disappearance. She tries to convince Barachiel, an archangel, that they do indeed exist. He is reluctant to believe her, having never seen proof that they are real. Elora accidentally meets Lucifer and is convinced that he isn’t as bad as his reputation. She believes that he may be able to help her. Can Elora find out who/what her assailant is? Will she find Raziel before it will be too late?

I was on the fence between giving this book a 3 1/2 or a 4. I decided going with a 3 1/2 only because it was a little bit too long and I think it could have done without some of the scenes. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty, this story was AWESOME!! I enjoyed all of the biblical references, I find it refreshing. Some books don’t give enough of the references. Elora’s internal banter was at times hysterical. I’d like to add a line that I thought was just too funny, “He would probably choke me with the blossoms from my tree. How ironic that would be as one the plant’s names is ‘Angel’s trumpet of death’ because it is so poisonous. My imagination was my worst enemy sometimes, but better to thing the worst, than to expect the best and be disappointed.” Raziel, of course, was a hottie! When you get to the end of the book, the scene is a bit gruesome to imagine but I loved it. The epilogue was perfect and I’m looking forward to reading the second book.  

Who’s who

Published 29/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

I got asked recently for my ideal cast if ‘Of Darkness and Light’ was ever made into a film so I have put together my dream cast. Some are obviously a little off as I’ve had to fill in blanks. They’re all wonderful imaginary friends, so no one really looks like them, but I’ve picked actors I love. They can always dye their hair or get contacts ;p


No one will ever fit this role if it’s made in Hollywood. She’s a NORMAL girl with no airs and graces who you could pass on the street and not look twice at. She is a REAL girl, no jabs, tucks, nothing. And she never would either. So I am completely stumped as all actresses are so pretty and made up etc that I can’t see anyone but me as her. Obviously I wrote her when thinking of myself. I’m too old and can’t act so Elora is a blank. If you have any ideas, please let me know as I’d be interested!


This one is easy, but I am torn between casting him as Lucifer or Barachiel as I think he would be perfect for both (obviously with some dye and contacts!) Jackson Rathbone! He was WASTED in Twilight. He is capable of so much more! Plus he has green eyes!

Image Detail

He even has the angelic eyebrow raise down cold. Plus! He can sing! Very important for an Angel, and Lucifer does give us a little of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. Jackson would have that down cold. Check out his band ‘100 Monkeys’ the boys have a wicked sense of humour and their music is incredibly eclectic.


My dear Barachiel. Someone who is obsessive about their appearance to the point of almost arrogance. If the lovely Jackson could be cloned, I would have him as Barachiel as well. His build is perfect. But I must stop drooling over the lovely Jackson (who incidentally may or may not have been a physical inspiration for a character in one of my other books….)

So, we need; tall, slim, looks amazing in a suit, is capable of devastating sarcasm and an undercurrent of sweetness and compassion. Must have an obsesseion with espressos too… I’m struggling if I’m honest. My biggest problem is age. All the actors I can think of are too old which is a real shame.

The actor who plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones is pretty damn near perfect apart from the age constraint;

Image Detail

As Jamie he is arrogant, dashing and blonde…


I have two problems with my choice of Raziel. One being age. The other a slight case of Death. My beloved Brandon Lee. If you haven’t see The Crow (and are old enough) rent out a copy. Anyone who doesn’t fall in love with Eric Draven has no heart! It is the ultimate story of love, making Romeo and Juliet look like a case of bad teen angst!

Dark hair, tall, slim, toned from Jeet Kune Do (he’s the son of Bruce Lee) and Grey eyes! He ticks every box.

Image Detail


Thomas was physically based on a guy I knew very briefly. He was a devout Christian and incredibly good. I didn’t know him well enough to find out if he was anything like Thomas, but it was enough for my imagination to run away with.

Actor wise…curly hair, blue eyes, slightly manic….

I can only think of someone who is much too old, by about 20 years. Plus, any excuse to talk about the lovely Tom Ellis. He’s an English actor who is most famous for being in the sitcom Miranda (look it up, it’s hilarious!) and he has brown eyes 😦 But here is a picture of the ridiculously handsome man himself, maybe I could get a time machine?;

Image Detail

Well, all in all, that was an epic failure, but there is some nice eye candy for you all! Can any of you come up with a dream cast list?

Love and Hugs

Lily x