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Beware the Con Artists

Published 06/08/2014 by Lily Crussell

I entered a poetry competition a while back (I enter a lot and tend to forget about them) and recently received an email stating that my poem had been well liked and I would hear more via a letter within 4 weeks.
To me, that seems like an odd time frame. Had I won, I’d assume contact would be immediate. I also had a message left on my phone stating the same thing; no actual information given, just the promise of a letter. I didn’t call them back as I assumed the letter would be with me in days.

Today the letter came and I’m so angry. My poem didn’t win anything, but ‘made it to the short list’ so they wanted to include it in their new anthology. This would be all well and good…except they will be making money from MY WORK, and I have to pay £20 if I want a copy. £20 FOR MY OWN WORK. And to add to the fun, I can have my profile included if I pay another £17. If I buy 3 or more copies the price will be halved.

They’re missing a very serious point here. NO ONE pays that for a best selling book, so why would they pay it for poetry? They wouldn’t. They want the people featured to buy copies for friends and family etc.

I’ve been researching the ‘company’ (after not being impressed that their mailing address was an ‘admail’ one) to find that they’re notorious for this type of thing. One author submitted a poem that she knew was inferior just to see the response…and it was ‘selected’ to enter the anthology.

I went through this bull with ‘Mystic’ Press, the press that never was. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to print the name of the ‘press’ company as I really have no desire to be sued, but I do want you all to be aware of this type of thing happening.