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Getting Old

Published 19/12/2012 by Lily Crussell

I really, really can’t be bothered to drag the whole thing up again, but it is STILL a problem and I’m honestly getting thoroughly fed up about it now. Anything you read about me that is negative…come ask me about it as it’s unlikely to be true if from certain sources.

Anyway, enough of that boring bull.

I’ve seen people are doing this;


And honestly, I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to those people who were killed in that senseless way. I have one request though – please remember the children that were killed in China too. No one seems to be talking about that which makes me really angry as the loss of life is horrific regardless of where in the world it happened.

I managed one act today as I’m a bit slow on the uptake;

In England we have people selling a magazine called the Big Issue, it’s about current events and gives jobs to homeless/unemployed people. Today I paid for an xmas issue (£3) and told her to keep the mag. Tiny, tiny thing in the big scheme of things, but the smile the woman gave me was enough to make me grin for the rest of the day. If you want to take part in this, it would also help to spread the word by leaving notes like the article shows above, then more people will know and will hopefully take part. I think the one thing the world can never have too much of is kindness.

Go forth and commit some acts of gratuitous KINDNESS!

Love and Hugs

Lily x

See, Norman Approves! ;p





Anyone know how to….

Published 31/10/2012 by Lily Crussell

Add my NaNoWriMo widget to this blog? It only seems to give me the option to use their ready made widgets and I want to put a word count NaNo one up 😦

Why isn’t it the 22nd December yet!

Decontamination Dance FTW!

What inspires you?

Published 24/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

I was having a conversation with a friend (painter) about what inspires her art. I was curious as to whether joy or sorrow gave her more inspiration to paint or more ideas. She said that both did, but in different ways. Sorrow tended to be inspiring, but only after the event. I.e sometimes the emotions were so overwhelming that she would have to wait until that subsided before she could access that emotion to paint with. She said joy was equally evasive in the sense that if she’s happy, she wants be enjoying it, rather than trying to get it down on canvas.

Personally, I find sorrow and pain to be more inspiring for poetry. When I am down I can churn out Haiku by the hundred (not that they’re much good lol) and I find I can write sad scenes a lot more realistically than happy ones. I suppose it may be because happiness tends to be more fleeting. Sorrow and pain tend to linger longer so we become better aquainted with them. Having depression doesn’t help either.

Joy I find difficult to access when I’m down, bu the opposite isn’t true. If I’m happy, I can write sad things eaily (though it does tend to end my happy mood!)

So what inspires you? What mood gives you the most inspiration?

Love and Hugs

Lily x

P.S My newest book is with the Betas, so hopefully I’ll be able to get to work on fixing it as soon as they’re done. Then it’s out to the agents and publishers again! Oh the horror! Oh the cost of stamps lol x

Here is a gif of Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery to make you smile as it always makes me grin!

Word Counts and why I hate them.

Published 20/07/2012 by Lily Crussell

The ‘new’ first draft is out with the betas, so we shall see what they think. The biggest problem I found for this one was how much I struggled to end it. I also hate how confined the genre is with word count. No publishers want a YA novel that is over 80,000 words. Of Darkness and light is 99,000 and I had to cut a tonne out of that! The one I’ve just sent out is 78,000 but that is because I cut a lot. More will probably be added after this draft. I understand that bigger books cost more to produce, but go pick up a  book from any other genre, and they’re often twice the size or more. The ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series for example (which I am currently reading) are HUGE. Each book is MASSIVE! I struggle to ‘kill my darlings’ when editing as if I put it in in the first place, I think there’s a reason for it. Some scenes don’t add to the story, but they show more about the character. Editing is my own personal hell, not only because I’m hacking out things that I like, but also because it’s impossible to see the book as a reader would. I know the background of my chars, so it’s impossible to notice gaps as my mind will instantly fill them in!

Any wannabe authors out there, find yourself a good critique partner as soon as possible! It’s not something I’ve been able to get for myself and I think it would be helpful, especially if that person is already published! That kind of advice is invaluable!

Thank you all again for the all the Birthday Wishes! They were much appreciated!

Lily x

I used this for a caption comp recently, but had to share it again. If you haven’t seen the Boondock Saints 1 and 2, go find them now! There will be a third, and the brothers quite clearly object to sparkly vampires! Bearing in mind my ex looks a lot like Robert Pattinson, I especially love this picture lol x

My 1st Radio Interview!

Published 28/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

And it’s not even about MY work! I was sat happily reading ‘A Feast for Crows’, munching on dry Cheerios, when my phone rang. My phone NEVER rings unless it’s a cold caller, so I was prepping myself to give them a mouthful. It wasn’t. It was a lady from a local radio station (I have NO idea how she got my number, but it’s all good) she asked me if I had heard of the 50 Shades Trilogy. I said I had, I wasn’t a big fan. She was thrilled! They wanted a local author’s perspective on the series and seemed to be even happier about the fact that I didn’t like them. She asked if I’d be willing to go on the show. I said I would (WHAT WAS I THINKING! I can’t even talk to people, let alone on a radio station!) She asked if I could come in to the studio, but it’s a bit of a journey, so we arranged to do it by phone. So between 10.30-11 am tomorrow morning, I will be making a fool out of myself by babbling, ranting and (hopefully not swearing) stuttering on radio where hundreds if not thousands could be listening. Excellent. My biggest worry is offending someone. I really didn’t like the books. I couldn’t get through the second one and really forced myself through the first. I don’t want to go on and rant about how rubbish the books were, because they weren’t, but when I get nervous, I babble. Also, I would be devastated if someone went on the radio and slated MY work. So if I say anything offensive, I genuinely don’t mean to, but when I’m nervous, I have NO idea of what I’m saying. I’m an author, we sit in rooms alone for long periods of time creating fake worlds because we can’t function properly in the real one. I’m incredibly shy and self conscious, so this is terrifying me! But! My CBT therapist is always telling me to try new things, get out of my comfort zone and take part. I very much doubt EL James would care about my opinion on her books when her sales are as great as they are, but I also would never want to be completely against a body of work when mine is so full of flaws and far from perfect. So, ignore just about every word that comes out of my mouth if you do listen! Love and Hugs Lily (Socially inept, babbling crazy lady ;p)


Published 29/05/2012 by Lily Crussell

Blergh! I think I’m falling apart! I’ve been off work sick for a few days and quite honestly feel like complete rubbish! But! I have gotten so much done it’s not funny!

I am currently trying to get a novel finished and fixed to send out to agents. I WILL get published if it’s the last thing I do (and the way I’m feeling right now, it might very well be lol) I am questioning whether I should put the first chapter up or not as it is only in first draft form. I’ not going to say what it’s about as I’m quite nervous of people copying my ideas. I’m still on the look out for something to critique the thing for me as I really need some fresh eyes looking at it. If you have experience in this area, please contact me.

What are you reading at the moment? I’m reading A Clash of Kings by George R R Martin from the Games of Thrones/A Song of Fire and Ice series. I’m very much enjoying it, but if you’re considering reading the series, be warned, there is A LOT of adult content. I’m 28 and even I’m shocked and I’ve lived with three men! (not something I recommend ladies, it will ruin you for life! There are only so many bodily functions you want to hear, be told about and witness, trust me!)

I also need to warn you that my giveaway will be ended on 5th May. Get your entries in quick1 There is still time. We’re up to over 1000 tickets which is insane!

Love and Hugs

Lily x


Oh, and solely for the purposes of making myself feel better, here is a photo of the AWESOME David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) unfortunately Dr. Who ended when he left!

Image Detail

Part 2

Published 27/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

I totally need a ‘FAQs Friday’ theme tune lol. Something I could play in my head when I’m typing! As it is, I’m listening to Josh Groban – Ala Luce Del Sol. Love it!

Ok let’s get down to the questions!

What’s the next book in the series called? I saw on your FB you mentioned it..

I’ve actually made a whole load of new bookmarks for the new book…and it’s not even finished yet. Well, it’s finished, but it doesn’t work anymore due to the changes I had to make to the first book. It is going to be called ‘Of Blood and Feathers’ and will introduce a new bad boy for all those who love Lucy. I have written half of the third book too, but the characters are in limbo at the moment as I got so caught up in editing the first book, I abandoned the third. Now I have to go back to the second, fix that, copyedit, format etc etc ad infinitum. ebooks are a great idea, but formatting them is my own mini hell as it never works! It looks perfect…until I upload it to Amazon! Urgh!

When is you book going to be free again?

I’m not sure on this one. I get five days where I can put it up for free. I will have to wait until July to get more (If I sign up with Amazon exclusively again which I doubt I will) so it probably won’t be for a long while as I’ve only just had it free. I do give out free copies in giveaways for blogs and reviews so if you have either and want to do a giveaway let me know.

Can I have some Swag?

Only if you finish all your vegetables and tidy your room… I do a LOT of giveaways so keep an eye on my twitter @LilyCrussell and my facebook (just my name) sometimes I just give away sets of bookmarks on a spur of the moment in my statuses and whoever messages me first gets them. Unfortunately, I have a crappy retail job and don’t make a lot of money. I don’t buy things I need, I buy stamps, paper and ink. So sometimes I just can’t afford to be sending them out unfortunately. If I had the money, I would send EVERYONE some. I really do enjoy making them and love sending them out. It’s just a financial thing unfortunately. Keep an eye on my page as usually have some kind of giveaway going. I have two running at the mo, both end at the beginning of May. I’m looking into what I can do next.

I heard badges….?

I’m thinking of buying a badge making machine and I think it would be a lot of fun, plus I could make promo badges to send out to you all. Unfortunately it’s not cheap so it may have to be put on the back-burner for the time being.