Book Series

As of yet, nothing is in print, but I do have several series in the works;

The Shadow of the Nephilim Series;
Unnamed as of yet. It was previously called the Cemetery Series but it wasn’t punchy enough. It then became the ‘Of Light and Darkness’ Series, but I have since found there is a book already by this name! Slightly infuriating as it took me long enough to come up with that! Essentially the publishing house will have the final say on a book’s title, but it’s important to provide a working title so they know to what you are referring when you speak with them. The e-book can be found here;

Love on the run (From zombies);
Similar problem here. My series was called ‘Love in the time of Zombies’ and I have just found a kindle book of that title. Now available for free on Wattpad, titled ‘ Love on the run (From Zombies)’

Many many more I don’t wish to divulge due to fear of plagiarism. This section will be updated if and when the series are taken up by an agent/publisher.
Copyright Lily Crussell 2011 ©

2 comments on “Book Series

    • The internet is an amasing, wonderful thing, but it would be so hard to track if anyone has stolen your ideas. Plagiarism is an awful, awful thing. Benefitting from someone else’s hard work and blood, sweat and tears is just…I don’t understand how anyone could do that! I don’t think we’re paranoid, I think we’re cautious. There are so mnay things I’d love to share, but without the power of a big publishing ouse behind me, I wouldn’t have any way of protecting my work or taking action if I did find someone had plagiarised my work x

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