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My novel ‘Of Darkness and Light’  is currently available on Amazon. If you are an agent or publisher interested in my work, please message me via this blog and I am more than happy to send out chapter samples of other works etc.

Press Release

* Release source: Lily Crussell


BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK – APRIL 2012 – In her young adult (YA) paranormal romance e-book ‘Of Darkness and Light’, Lily Crussell captures the excitement of first love- difficult enough with another human, but made all the more complex for the lead ELORA, when the object of her affection has wings! The novel takes teens through a journey of mystery, excitement, horror and love, without the usual issues of ‘drugs, swearing and graphic sex’

Lily Crussell wrote ‘Of Darkness and Light’ because she was tired of teen fiction being something of a headache for parents. She wanted a gripping, exciting story without the fear of it being too ‘grown up’ for impressionable readers. In the style of Twilight in its sexual innocence and moral standing, there is no worry of drug abuse, offensive language or promiscuous teens, whilst still dealing with the issues faced by teenagers.

At  347 pages and 99,000 words, there is enough here for a teen to get their teeth into at a language level suitable for 15+ year olds, crossing over from teen fiction into adult with a similar appeal to the readers of The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga and The Vampire Diaries. With over 5200 downloads so far and several excellent reviews from teen fiction reviewers, it’s well on its way to becoming a classic.

This is the first book in the ‘Shadow of the Nephilim’ Trilogy and is available for the Kindle or Kindle for PC Programme, free to download from

Of Darkness and Light’ by Lily Crussell Currently only 99p.

Available for download;


Lily Crussell has lived in Buckinghamshire for 25 years and doesn’t see herself moving anytime soon. She had been writing since her teens, but has only recently began to think of it as a hobby that will blossom into a full time career. With experience in teaching and childcare, she feels she knows what teens want to read, and as an avid reader herself, she hopes to inspire teens to read more too.


The Amazon e-book reader ‘Kindle’ is currently the most popular media available for e-books. With the backing and ownership of Amazon, it is available to everyone. With the ability to use the free programme ‘Kindle for PC’ you don’t even have to own the hardware to read e-books.

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