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Georgina Merry

Published 17/06/2013 by Lily Crussell

I am slightly in awe. Ok, not just slightly. G has gone above and beyond in all areas (not least with Dark Company for Amazon) but now she has done a critique for one of my books and it is perfectly in depth!

A while ago I mentioned that I had spent a small fortune getting a ‘professional’ critique done that was…well, the less said the better or I’ll start ranting. Suffice to say it wasn’t good.

Georgina’s one is exactly what I wanted! It is actually perfect. I haven’t read through it all yet, but am very excited to get to work on it (and it has been MONTHS since I’ve done anything remotely functional) She will be running a critiquing service in the future, but I will post links etc when I have them.


Lily x


Also! My bud’s band will be releasing some musica in July, so go check it out! Palahniuk (I can not pronounce it for the life of me) Check out their page;   And show them some serious love. 

Lily x

Oh and in case you thought I’d forgotten;


Amazon Boycott?

Published 05/06/2013 by Lily Crussell

I’ve just read an article from ‘Writing Magazine’ about readers boycotting Amazon due to some problems with the amount of tax they were paying (not enough apparently) Do any of you intend to stop buying from Amazon due to this? I’m currently tied to their KDP system, but would be interested to know what people think. Is it time to jump ship or is this a storm in a tea cup?

Also, does anyone know what the back story is? Is it like the Starbucks tax issue?

Obligatory Reedus Pic;judascap

‘Wooooaaaahhhh I’m in love with Judas REEDUS, Reedus.’

In other news; I gave blood last week and fainted, saved a baby starling, watched Series 5 of Breaking Bad, went to the dentist, the doctors and the gym waaaaaaaaay too much (OW!) Nothing particularly exciting. As for writing, I have managed a grand total of…..0. I corrected a spelling mistake in something, but that is literally the extent my my brain’s ability to deal with literary concerns at present. Grrrrrrrrrrr

Love and Hugs
Lils x