Published 02/05/2013 by Lily Crussell

I’ve just had a ‘delightful’ ‘conversation’ with a troll about Pole Fitness and thought I might address it here too. The words ‘whore’, ‘skank’, ‘slut’ etc were used frequently in reference to myself when the person doesn’t even know me.

I’ve been doing Pole for 3 years on and off and started because I wanted to get stronger, but incorporate dance into my hobbies as I wasn’t doing ballet at the time. My first class was a taster session for a new school starting, so I was there with bells on. Girls of every size and shape were there which I loved, and everyone was lovely without exception. All the class members were wearing t shirts and leggings, not bikinis or g-strings like I had worried about.

The next day I was in agony and couldn’t lift my arms above shoulder height. I was bruised, bashed etc etc…and I wanted to go back. Call me sadistic, but the pain was awesome because it made me realise how little of my body I was regularly using.
I joined the school and loved it. I made more friends than I have with any other hobby or even when at school, most of which I still speak to even though some have stopped poling.
I can not recommend it enough as a fitness hobby, but it also gives you so much confidence and you will make a tonne of friends.

Also all shapes and sizes do it, bigger girls actually have an advantage as it’s easier to grip the pole when there’s more to you!



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