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Published 15/05/2013 by Lily Crussell

Does anyone have any original tips for writer’s block? I’m seriously struggling! Grrrrrrrr

This boy is waaaaaaay too much of a distraction! If I wrote by hand I wouldn’t be tempted to surf the net!


And I know how he feels because I am currently waking up at 4.30am every damn day! No matter what time I got to bed, I’m awake bang on 4.30. Grrrrr x2

Lily x

All the writing I have done in the last month….

Published 14/05/2013 by Lily Crussell

…could fit on the back of a postage stamp! Grrrrr! I just can’t concentrate, it’s really getting old.
I do have one new book at a critique-r’s now so hopefully that might see the light of day.
As far as the ‘Shadow of the Nephilmn’ Trilogy goes, Raziel, Elora and Lucy have completely abandoned me, so any help you can give in summoning them back would be appreciated! The second book ‘Of Blood and Feathers’ is written, but only in draft form, so will need a LOT of work. The frame work is there and it’s pretty action packed. We have a new character or two and my beloved Lucy is never far away.

The third book has no name at present and is something of a patchwork quilt of scenes with no real structure, but I know where I want it to go, it’s just getting there! I’m thinking I might have killed my muses off with sugar as I have been binging on Ms. Cupcake’s cupcakes. I ate 6 in two days, and they’re not little things!
OMG they’re so good. If you’re ever in London, head to Brixton and find the shop…they’re vegan…BUT they don’t taste it. I will be the first to admit that some vegan alternatives are AWFUL, but these honest to Lucifer are better than any non vegan ones I had before I turned Vegan. The ones I had were (if my memory serves) Strawberry, chocolate and peanut butter, mint choc chip, red velvet, lemon and…uh…can’t remember, but they were so good! See pic below!

vegan crack

And we all know what cupcakes equal;


Love and hugs
Lily Reedus (if only ) ;p


Published 02/05/2013 by Lily Crussell

I’ve just had a ‘delightful’ ‘conversation’ with a troll about Pole Fitness and thought I might address it here too. The words ‘whore’, ‘skank’, ‘slut’ etc were used frequently in reference to myself when the person doesn’t even know me.

I’ve been doing Pole for 3 years on and off and started because I wanted to get stronger, but incorporate dance into my hobbies as I wasn’t doing ballet at the time. My first class was a taster session for a new school starting, so I was there with bells on. Girls of every size and shape were there which I loved, and everyone was lovely without exception. All the class members were wearing t shirts and leggings, not bikinis or g-strings like I had worried about.

The next day I was in agony and couldn’t lift my arms above shoulder height. I was bruised, bashed etc etc…and I wanted to go back. Call me sadistic, but the pain was awesome because it made me realise how little of my body I was regularly using.
I joined the school and loved it. I made more friends than I have with any other hobby or even when at school, most of which I still speak to even though some have stopped poling.
I can not recommend it enough as a fitness hobby, but it also gives you so much confidence and you will make a tonne of friends.

Also all shapes and sizes do it, bigger girls actually have an advantage as it’s easier to grip the pole when there’s more to you!