Published 29/01/2013 by Lily Crussell

To anyone who’s been trying to get hold of me, I appologise profusely, but everything is a bit of a mess at the moment and I’m struggling to cope. I’m sorry if I’ve wasted your time or made things difficult for you, but I simply can not deal with much of anything at the moment – even getting out of bed is a struggle.

Not only the depression/Anxiety to deal with, but I also got kicked out of my Pole School for complaining (safety issues, being messed around, promises not being kept etc etc) I was with them from the very beginning, but apparently listening to your customers is too much to expect so they kicked me out. That means the precious few friends that I actually have are now inaccessible to me. I will be dropping from 3 sessions a week to one at the new school and it’s just another thing on top of all the other crap I’m trying to get my head around.

I still love you all, I just know I’m no use to anyone at the moment, so it’s better that I stay away. Plus my lappy is dying.


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