Goodbye 2012, you sucked so bad I won’t miss you.

Published 31/12/2012 by Lily Crussell

Admittedly I don’t do the whole New Year shebang. I don’t enjoy being ripped off and charged through the nose to be crushed, unable to move or hear your friends, get vomitted on etc etc etc. I figure if you want to go crazy – go for it, New Year is just another day.

As for 2012? What a bleeping rubbish year!
In summary;
-Broke up with boyfriend.
-Had to move back in with parents.
-Had a breakdown.
-Been off work for months (this is actually a relief)
-No money.
-Conned by a certain press company.
-Thought my book would be in print but never happened.
-Had my name dragged through the mud and had false accusations made agaisnt me by people who stole my money, wasted my time and broke my heart and was threatened by said people several times.
-Paid a small fortune for a book critique that was not worth even half what I paid for it (still being dealt with)

The Pros;
-I know some amasing people on Facebook who pulled me through it.
-Norman Reedus.
-Did a couple of articles for newspaper/mags to raise awareness of Asexuality.
-Taken up ballet again. (could also be a con as I suck lol)
-Went back to pole.
-Adult Gym classes! *bouncy*

That is genuinely all I can come up with apart from some AWESOME television shows (yeah I have no life). Writing has essentially been going backwards due to the stress of the problems with the publishing company and the critique problems which have sapped any enthusiasm I had.

So all in all, 2012 can quite honestly go burn! 2013 has to be an improvement and 13 is my lucky number. It can only go uphill from here on out! See you on the flip side!

Here is Evan Peters looking sad about how much 2012 sucked;


And here is Nahhhhhman getting excited about how awesome 2013 is gunna be!



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