Published 14/12/2012 by Lily Crussell

I was going to write a ranty, angsty, whiney post about how I haven’t written since I was screwed over by certain people etc etc ad infinitum, but in the big scheme of things, who gives a *bleep*

Having heard the reports about those poor, poor people in Connecticut, it puts things in perspective and I have to say I feel slightly disgusted with myself for having been so self absorbed and petty before I saw the news. Children died. People were murdered. Some vile humans thought it would be an idea to shoot down a lot of innocent people, for what? Glory? To go down in history? Make a statement? They may well have been abused, mentally unstable, etc. but I couldn’t care less. They lost any right to sympathy or understanding when they thought this idea up. There is not a hell bad enough for them in my opinion.

Being in England, I don’t understand guns. I don’t have access to them. I don’t see them. I don’t handle them. No one I know has one.

We don’t have access to guns. We also don’t have school shootings. I know a lot of people will argue that it’s their RIGHT to bear arms, or some other rubbish, but no RIGHT is worth even one child’s life in my opinion. Guns were made to kill, not for protection or safety (I don’t have a gun and I’ve never been in any danger where a gun would have helped). I might upset a lot of people, but I don’t think anyone other than soldiers or law enforcement need guns. No hunters, no enthusiasts…there is no reason for such a thing to be around. No guns, no gun crimes.

I’m not completely naieve, I know there are guns in this country, but honestly how many news articles have you read about shootings in England? I’m proud of my ‘backwards’ little island for not having those damned things around. Nothing good can come from owning one. We don’t need to hunt for food, and anyone who does it for fun…well I’m Vegan so you can guess my opinion on that.

No guns. No shootings. I don’t see how anyone can think it more complex than that.

And I know people are looking for someone to blame, be it the media, video games, schools, parents…but how is blaming any of those going to bring those kids back? There is no way of knowing who will use a gun safely and sensibly and who won’t. Take away the guns, take away the risk. I know it won’t happen because people are stuck in their ways and they think that it is down to the amendment to carry arms etc., but what they don’t think about is the fact that ‘ammendment’ implies that something has been changed. It has been ammended and can be again. Laws and rules that were written hundreds of years ago do not have the same implications they have today. They can’t. The world has changed and so have we.

All I can say is the next time you feel like picking up a gun for whatever reason, think about how you’d feel if a psycho got their hands on it and harmed your loved ones. That gun won’t protect you because your right to have one means that the psycho has the right to have one too.

I’m sorry if people find that offensive, but I have no comprehension of why people put their pride before lives. Over here, you’re not allowed to even carry scissors unless you’re a hairdresser (or it’s within your possession) as you can be done for it. Knife crime is a problem, but not to the extent or volume of gun crime. A knife can only really harm one person at a time and it involves being up close. A gun is a coward’s choice because you don’t even have to look your victim in the eye. You can do it from across a room and shoot out a ridiculous volume of bullets in seconds. We have the police, the army and other people who’s job it is to keep us safe. We don’t need those evil hateful things in our homes. Or schools.

Be well, go hug your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephews and thank god or whoever you believe in that they weren’t in that school. Keep those people in your prayers if you pray, and in your thoughts and hearts if you don’t.

Despite the epic rant above, what I really wanted to say was that life has become so cheap. The saying goes; ‘One death is a tragedy, a thousand is a statistic’ No life should be wasted when we have the technology and education available to us that we do. Go tell the people you love that you love them. Forgive the hateful *bleep* that hurt you (though you don’t have to be walked over). Ensure that you live a life that you would be proud for your kids to copy. Get rid of the damned guns/knives/weapons, they have no place in our lives.

Anyway, be well. Please look after yourselves and everyone around you. Think how you would feel if you lost them in such a senseless way as some sick, sick person opening fire in a place we all assume to be safe.

Appreciate what you have, because NOTHING is permanent.

Love and Hugs

Lily x


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