London Baby!

Published 29/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

Not a writing post, but is what I spent yesterday doing.

Another photo shoot, another article on the same subject, though this time the interview was done over the phone last week. The photo shoot was in London in the most random, hard to find place on the face of the earth. The on things I learned? Don’t trust google map’s directions! It was supposed to take 15 minutes from the train station to the studio…it took me over an hour and a half due to the crappy directions!

I left my house at 6.30 and didn’t reach the studio until 10.30. I was supposed to be there at 11, so had assumed I’d have time to go some places I wanted to. Lucky I didn’t or else I’d have been late! The closest stop to it was Tower Hill, which is right next to the Tower of London, and when I mean right next to, I mean RIGHT NEXT TO. I thought it would be out of the way with large grounds etc like Warwick, but no, you get out of the station and OMG there it is lol. I have an obsession with Crows and Ravens, and as the Tower of London has Ravens living there (if they leave, England will fall) I was desperate to go see them…until I saw the prices. £21 to walk around a castle? Really? Instead I went to the gift shop and found this Raven;

He was £13 and I’m poor, so I didn’t get to take him home.

Here are the phone pics of the outside of the Tower;


Tower Bridge and a truck for of xmas trees to the left….


It’s a bit Meh to be honest. Very disappointed. Maybe it’s a LOT better inside? Unless they let me take a raven home, I don’t think I’ll be visiting.

Anyhoo, after nearly two hours of searching, I found the studio. This is a studio that is used a lot for really big Newspapers, magazines etc, but holy crap, what a DUMP! The studio room itself was ok, but the building was a state, the stairs carpets were dangerous with holes in that you could catch your feet in. The toilets were in a cellar thing…I was disappointed. I know I sound a complete slob, but you figure proper newspapers and magazines would use nicer places. I come from a town where EVERYTHING is falling apart and looks a state, so it’s normal, I just thought that with the amount of money and time being used on the project that it would be…better.

This is a photo of the wall in the toilets, I couldn’t sneak photos of anywhere else, but this is one of the better places in the building lol;

Sexy! Plus it was down such a long creepy corridor, I felt like I was in a horror movie!

They hadn’t booked a hair and makeup person (genius) so we didn’t have anything to do for three hours! If I’d known, I would have brought a book and happily kept myself busy, but instead I spent the time staring at walls lol. They ordered lunch for us, but the only thing I could have was chips! (If I lived in London I’d be a blimp) and they kept me dosed up on coffee (hate it but was falling asleep) and diet coke.

There was supposed to be three girls on the shoot, but one turned up just after the hair lady. She was telling me she wanted to be a model professionally, and had fallen asleep so she was late. If the hair lady hadn’t been so late, she would have caused a lot of problems, but it all turned out ok. The dresses I wore were wonderful, my hair was in curls and waves and the make up made me look like an actual girl! The only problem were the shoes as I don’t usually do heels, and these ones were stilettos. My balance was AWFUL! When we were shooting, I was wobbling around like I was drunk! Bad times!

I will post photos when I find out when the article is out etc as I’m uber excited to see how they turn out.

P.S They will have to photoshop my legs as I had HUGE sock marks that they couldn’t cover with make up! So glamorous! x


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