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London Baby!

Published 29/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

Not a writing post, but is what I spent yesterday doing.

Another photo shoot, another article on the same subject, though this time the interview was done over the phone last week. The photo shoot was in London in the most random, hard to find place on the face of the earth. The on things I learned? Don’t trust google map’s directions! It was supposed to take 15 minutes from the train station to the studio…it took me over an hour and a half due to the crappy directions!

I left my house at 6.30 and didn’t reach the studio until 10.30. I was supposed to be there at 11, so had assumed I’d have time to go some places I wanted to. Lucky I didn’t or else I’d have been late! The closest stop to it was Tower Hill, which is right next to the Tower of London, and when I mean right next to, I mean RIGHT NEXT TO. I thought it would be out of the way with large grounds etc like Warwick, but no, you get out of the station and OMG there it is lol. I have an obsession with Crows and Ravens, and as the Tower of London has Ravens living there (if they leave, England will fall) I was desperate to go see them…until I saw the prices. £21 to walk around a castle? Really? Instead I went to the gift shop and found this Raven;

He was £13 and I’m poor, so I didn’t get to take him home.

Here are the phone pics of the outside of the Tower;


Tower Bridge and a truck for of xmas trees to the left….


It’s a bit Meh to be honest. Very disappointed. Maybe it’s a LOT better inside? Unless they let me take a raven home, I don’t think I’ll be visiting.

Anyhoo, after nearly two hours of searching, I found the studio. This is a studio that is used a lot for really big Newspapers, magazines etc, but holy crap, what a DUMP! The studio room itself was ok, but the building was a state, the stairs carpets were dangerous with holes in that you could catch your feet in. The toilets were in a cellar thing…I was disappointed. I know I sound a complete slob, but you figure proper newspapers and magazines would use nicer places. I come from a town where EVERYTHING is falling apart and looks a state, so it’s normal, I just thought that with the amount of money and time being used on the project that it would be…better.

This is a photo of the wall in the toilets, I couldn’t sneak photos of anywhere else, but this is one of the better places in the building lol;

Sexy! Plus it was down such a long creepy corridor, I felt like I was in a horror movie!

They hadn’t booked a hair and makeup person (genius) so we didn’t have anything to do for three hours! If I’d known, I would have brought a book and happily kept myself busy, but instead I spent the time staring at walls lol. They ordered lunch for us, but the only thing I could have was chips! (If I lived in London I’d be a blimp) and they kept me dosed up on coffee (hate it but was falling asleep) and diet coke.

There was supposed to be three girls on the shoot, but one turned up just after the hair lady. She was telling me she wanted to be a model professionally, and had fallen asleep so she was late. If the hair lady hadn’t been so late, she would have caused a lot of problems, but it all turned out ok. The dresses I wore were wonderful, my hair was in curls and waves and the make up made me look like an actual girl! The only problem were the shoes as I don’t usually do heels, and these ones were stilettos. My balance was AWFUL! When we were shooting, I was wobbling around like I was drunk! Bad times!

I will post photos when I find out when the article is out etc as I’m uber excited to see how they turn out.

P.S They will have to photoshop my legs as I had HUGE sock marks that they couldn’t cover with make up! So glamorous! x

Oh My God They’re Back Again

Published 25/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

Yes, I did just quote the Backstreet Boys. No, I’m not ashamed of that fact!

Ok, here’s a quick warning for all my author and writer friends. The ‘company’ that took my money, conned me and then threatened me have come back but under a different name. I don’t think I can say the name without getting into trouble, but it involves a mystical bird that came from the ashes. It’s completely up to you who you trust, but I HAVE been screwed by them and really don’t want anyone else to have to go through that, not least because I did everything I could to be polite and reasonable and they ended up threatening me. Not the kind of people you want to give your hard earned cash to.

If you do have too much money and feel like giving it to them, I have several better alternatives;

-Put it through a shredder.

-Bury it.

-Burn it (may be illegal in your country)

-use it for origami.

-Give it to the homeless

-Give it to charity

I’m sorry for the sarcasm, but the fact that they are trying to do it again has gotten me really angry as they didn’t suffer any consequences from what they did last time.

You have been warned.

Love and Hugs Lily x

This is purely to cheer me up, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

  Darlen! FTW!

Now go listen to Th Psychadelic Furs, eat some chocolate and take a deep breath (all of which i intent to do lol) x

Giving Blood…

Published 18/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

Being an author (unpublished or otherwise) involves a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears if I’m honest) Anyhoo, I figured as I was so used to ‘bleeding’ for my art, I might as well go get a needle shoved in my arm and give a little more.

Previously I haven’t been able to donate due to my weight, but since putting on a bit I can give (admittedly, I was thrilled being under weight as it meant I didn’t have to donate, but didn’t have to feel guilty) Anyway, I signed up a while ago and finally had the appointment on Friday. I went with an ex when he gave blood and it really wasn’t a big deal. Blood doesn’t bother me at all – possible due to all the horror movies I watch – but I really, really don’t like needles. We’re talking feel ill the night before I have to have a jab. ANYWAY! The meds were obv working as I felt perfectly calm when I got there; a church hall with beds, cubicles, a waiting area and a ‘recovery area’ for drinks and biscuits. I was told I had to read a long document (I didn’t take my glasses so pretended to – I’ve read it all online before) drink a pint of water (I’d been downing water all day as it’s supposed to help) and took a seat to wait.

I was eventually called into a cubicle by a male nurse called Oliver. Immediately the first question off the bat was; ‘How much do you weigh?’ I was going to crack some terrible joke about the fact that a man should never ask a girl that, but was too nervous. He was OBSESSED with my weight asking when I’d weighed myself, how much my clothes might weigh etc etc. He was finally convinced and stabbed me with a weird plastic thingy. I flinched and squeaked as it made a noise a bit like a stapler, and I could see he was thinking ‘If she can’t cope with this part, how is she going to cope with giving blood?’ He said my iron levels were perfect (I’m a Vegan, I have super powers) and explained that I might feel bad afterwards because they take the same amount of blood regardless of the person’s size. If a guy is 30 stone, they’ll take the same amount as from tiny, little me. I didn’t care, by this point I was getting nervous and nodding to everything even though he could have been telling me I was getting a frontal lobotomy too. I was taken back out to the waiting room to wait for the actual procedure.

Everyone giving blood was perfectly calm, reading books whilst lying on the bed things, needle in arm, blood bag on weird cradle thing that rocked slowly. No one looked remotely freaked out, or that this was weird. Am I the only person who doesn’t regularly have things stuck in their arms? Anyway, it was finally my turn and this scary nurse took me to a bed and made me lie down. She threw the clipboard with my details on onto my legs, along with everything else she’d need. She cleaned my arm behind the elbow joint with this sponge thing, and I felt a prick. I thought the needle was in so sighed in relief, but it was only the plastic edge of the sponge 😦 She wasn’t the most reassuring person in the world as I was hoping she’d chat away to distract me. She didn’t, she just looked at me like I was wasting her time 😦 She put a blood pressure cuff on (which I hate, it’s almost worse than getting jabs!) and sorted the blood bag out and all the tubes. My arm was on a rest at the side of the bed and suddenly the needle appeared from one of the tubes. My heart was going a bit mental. She told me to clench and relax my hand over and over, which I did, the whole time my eyes’ on the needle. And then it was in. I squeaked again, more out of surprise than pain as it was absolutely fine. Once it was taped to my arm, I felt ok as I couldn’t see the point of it anymore. Obviously I could still see the needle as it was sticking out of my frigging arm! But the point was hidden so I felt ok. All was good, just lay there clenching and relaxing my hand, staring at the ceiling and trying to pretend I was somewhere else. It wasn’t painful, just weird, you couldn’t feel the blood coming out or anything ( had assumed it was sucked out lol) but you can feel the needle which isn’t hurting, just….a bit achy, it was nothing really, I’d felt far worse trimming my nails.

Once the bad was full, another nurse came over and that’s when the problems started. She was talking to me, but it sounded like she was a long way off in the distance, and I felt really hot and weird. I told her and everyone rushed around to get me things. I felt like a complete idiot as everyone else was calmly giving blood and then leaving, but here I was playing the dying swan! My feet were put on a wedge thing, the bed head lowered a little. The nurse put cold paper towels on my head and chatted away reassuringly. The head nurse came over and explained that it was due to the crash of adrenaline. My body had ben prepared for the procedure, but once it was over and the threat was gone, the adrenaline was spent and I felt like this. I asked the nurse if they ever had anyone actually faint, and she said it happened quite a lot – and was mostly men!

They got me a cold drink and talked to me until I felt ok (though extremely embarrassed for all the fuss I was making) I hadn’t even noticed the needle being taken out as I’d felt so weird. They put a plaster over the hole in my arm and told me to leave it on for 6 hours. When I felt normal again, they helped me over to the recovery area and plied me with more drinks (I couldn’t eat anything as it all had milk in!) Then it was all over and I was heading home.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to give blood. 4% of the human population donate and I personally think that that is appalling. 96% of people will take the blood if needed, but won’t give themselves! If you do anything today, please, please consider donating and joining the organ donation register (obv if it’s against your religion, that’s a completely different thing and understandable) as you WILL BE SAVING LIVES!

Two days on I have a tiny, pathetic dot of a mark where the needle went, and a bit of bruising, but feel absolutely fine. Nothing makes me prouder than looking at that mark and thinking I have done something to help. I was scared but did it anyway. x

Long Term Contest

Published 14/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

I am guilty of placing my postcards and promo bits and bobs in random places, so I thought I’d have an on going comp. Contact me, and I will send you some postcards and other promotional bits. All you need to do is take photos of them in the most interesting and random places (please ensure that you are aware of the laws regarding this type of thing before taking part) Obv this is about promotion, so the more people likely to see it, the better.

There will be random spot prizes for the ones that impress me the most. The prizes will be pens, bookmarks, keychains etc.

I thought this might be fun and something new to try, so contact me for cards and magnets and I’ll get them out to you asap. THIS IS THE WHOLE WORLD (Not Mars etc, can’t afford the postage) so you have no excuse not to join in the madness!

NOTHING OFFENSIVE THOUGH (I.e nudity, butcher’s shops, dead animals, racism etc.) X


Published 10/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

Bad times. I thought things were going too well! Mystic folded, so I now have no publisher and about 20 different items of swag with their website address on. Bad times. I’d been making loads of bookmarks, so have had to sign my name over the address with gold pen. It doesn’t look great, but I can’t waste that much ink and paper. I’ve had a lot of offers of help, so I just wanted to thank you all so very much.

Been eating chocolate and thinking abut punching walls a lot today as I try to sort things out. Everything I’ve spent a small fortune on not only has the website, but also the release date. bad times. I think I’m going o have an epic sharpie fest when I recieve it all! Also this;

Unfortunately I’m a pyrophobic!

Love and Hugs

Lily x


Published 09/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

Crazy week. Seriously mental. I restarted ballet again on Monday after an 11 year break. I clearly forgot how bad I was before I gave it up as I was appalling in class. I remembered NOTHING! I knew what the exercises were, but my body clearly didn’t want to do what my mind was telling it to. Worst part? The 75+yr old woman in the class who was kicking my butt. She was scary, and she’d only started as an adult! Oh the shame.

Then, as if I don’t have enough to keep me busy, I decided to take up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Holy crap that was…an experience. Have you heard the saying ‘No sex please, we’re British’? Well this went against that in so many ways. I was the only girl in a class of pumped men. I’m 5ft 5 and 8 stone. They were all muscular and had been coming for years. I nearly died from the warm up (which involved grown men skipping in a circle heh heh). In my pole class, we do ten press ups and about 40-50 slowish crunches. In the WARM UP for BJJ I did 150 fast crunches and about 50 press ups. I could see all the boys were watching to see how I coped, and I was damned if I was going to be ‘the girl’ by failing. I was already knackered from running in circles and all that jazz, bu to then do the evil pressups etc? Wow.

The fun really began after that. A guy came over and introduced himself before essentially spending a large chunk of the class with his crotch in my face or pinning me to the ground, or wrapping his legs around me. I’m pretty closed off with physical contact. I don’t hug my family or friends, so to have a complete stranger be that close was…surprisingly ok. I kept waiting for my mind to catch up, freak out and have me run from the room, but it didn’t happen. Girls of the world, you NEED to learn BJJ. It will teach you how to get out of being held down, or pinned if you’re ever attacked, and none of it depends on size or weight. I know I already feel a little more confident about my personal safety and you can’t put a price on that!

I did encounter several problems when the guy chucking me around asked; ‘So what would you do now?’ Apparently saying ‘Go for the nuts’ is not acceptable or appropriate, but I was being serious. That’s what a girl is taught to do! That or pop the eye out, break the nose or go for the instep. None of these things were allowed. Trust me, if I’m ever in a dangerous situation, I won’t be worrying about BJJ ettiquette. Sean Patrick Flannery has a lot to answer to @seanflanery. The boy has been talking about BJJ so much, I had to see what the fuss was about!

In other news; just watched the newest ep of The Walking Dead. In the UK we get it the Fridy after the Sunday that America gets it on. That means the whole episode was completely ruined for me via FB and Twitter. Thanks guys! But did that stop me crying like a baby and snotting everywhere? Did it hell. Chandler Riggs and Laruen Cohan were amasing. I thought I was ok, the Andrew Lincoln decides I haven’t cried enough. No movie or TV show has ever made me cry before in my life. If I get this upset over characters I don’t care about, I pray they don’t kill Daryl off as I might have to be sedated!

In NaNo news, I haven’t written a single word in two days. I got a bit caught up in making bookmarks for the book’s launch on 22.12.12 and once I start doing that, I keep going until I run out of ink/paper/laminating sheets. I already have a billion to give away, but I’ve changed the design slightly to include different info so decided to make some more. I don’t remember what it’s like having a bedroom that actually looks like a bedroom. I have paper, bookmarks, swag and all sorts EVERYWHERE! It’s crazy!

Anyhoo, I should either go sleep (it’s 11.34pm) or eat something (bad idea) or write for NaNo (unlikely lol)

Love and Hugs,

Lily x

Also, I have had the same song on repeat for about two weeks now. I am so in love with it! Look up; ‘The Psychadelic Furs – Love My Way.’ x

Remind me why….

Published 05/11/2012 by Lily Crussell

I thought NaNoWriMo was a good idea? Ok, so I’m up to 15,810 words, but they may very well be the worst 15,810 words I’ve ever written. I’m not kidding. I prepped for this like a demon, I read up, planned, sketched and outlined a book – and that’s probably why it all went to hell! Oh it was all so promising! I have more tha enough time to write, but am struggling to complete even a couple of paragraphs a day, and it’s all so disjointed it’s really starting to bug me. I know you’re not supposed to edit, and I haven’t, but I am tempted to scrap the whole thing. It sucks. It sucks big time.

If you’re insane enough to have signed up for it, add me;  and we can all have a mutual btching session about how mental we all are to have entered into this! On the plus side, I have forced (katana to the throat) two friends to do it, and they now hate me lol.

That is my NaNo wall, the most prep I’ve ever done, and it has ultimately lead to failure! I will stick with it because I want to say I did it, but I’m really not happy with what I’m producing and doubt it can be reworked into anything useful! Grrr!

Sidenote; Yes I was looking at on my lappy when I took the photo, and yes, there are photos of @wwwbigbaldhead ‘s tatoos up there. I have a problem, I’m waiting for therapy ;p

It’s weird what can inspire you though. I am a little (read hell of a lot) obsessed with tattoos. I have none (solely because I’m so indecisive) and pretty much spend hours looking through tattoo sites. Mr. Reedus’ particularly interest me, not just because it’s him,  but because they’re demons. As I’m sure you know I have a thing for angels and demons and was looking to incorporate something along this theme into NaNo. I was lookign up Angelic Script/Enochian and Alchemic symbols as I’ve seen some amazing tattoos on the subject and intended to work them into my NaNo novel. Planning is the death of creativity it seems. Admittedly my walls look awesome covered in pictures of tattoos and obscure random languages, but it didn;t help me write this damn thing.

I’ve just made a count of all the unfinished novels on my harddrive that I should be working on rather than doing NaNo, and we’re up to 25. 25 half finished books! Jeez, I didn’t think it would be that bad! And that’s only the obvious ones, there could be tonnes more under obscure titles that I’ve forgotten about! :O   I’m too easily distracted! Some authors complain they don’t have ideas….I have too many, then get excited about something new and start doing that, abandoning the other story, then do it again, and again, and again! Grrrr! The problem is, with forcing myself to write for NaNo, I’m not excited about it. It feels like a chore and I’m starting to hate the story (and it’s only been 5 days!)

Anyhoo, whining over.

Ok, I lied, one more whine. I hate living in the UK this time of year! Bleeping fireworks! Grrrrrrrr!

Love and Hugs.

Here’s some Flandus to cheer you (Me!) up!;

On the subject of Nahman’s tats, you can just about make out the red ‘Mingus’ one on his arm. x