In need of Editor who has experience with Createspace (and is cheap!)

Published 05/10/2012 by Lily Crussell

Hello you lovely people! I have decided after the pretty terrible response to my pubslush appeal (It’s ok, I understand, you don’t love me ;p) that I’m going to be publishing Of Darkness and Light with Createspace possibly. My problem is, it was ‘professionally’ copy edited. I.E it wasn’t done properly. I can’t see faults or mistakes in it anymore as I’ve read to too many times. Is there anyone out there who can copy edit and format for a 6×9 Create space style book? I’m happy to pay, but I am uber poor. so the cheaper the better (though obv someone who can actually do it, rather than the money I paid someone to NOT do it properly!)

My computer is being a nightmare and hates WordPress with a passion. Bad times.

Also! Check out Wattpad for some bits and bobs I’ve posted on there;   More will be coming as soon as I get the chance. I’m currently trying to assemble some sanity and order to all the Haiku I’ve written over the years to hopefully get some up on Wattpad. At present they’re all over the place and I’ve spent the afternoon printing, cutting and ordering them (I can’t do it on a screen because I’m blonde)

In other news I am soooooo jealous of my US buds. You get The Walking Dead. What do I get? I get it rubbed in my face by the lovely @wwwbigbaldhead on Twitter posting losts of photos. I’m a sad panda.

In other, other news; Anyone able to design covers at a reasonable price that don’t look self published? I’ve seen some pages but they’re either too expensive, or they look self published 😦 I’m being a snob, but I figure if I’m going to do this, I want to do it properly, get it in bookshops and have it look as good as publisher’s books. Probably not going to happen, but C’est la vie! x


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