My 1st Radio Interview!

Published 28/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

And it’s not even about MY work! I was sat happily reading ‘A Feast for Crows’, munching on dry Cheerios, when my phone rang. My phone NEVER rings unless it’s a cold caller, so I was prepping myself to give them a mouthful. It wasn’t. It was a lady from a local radio station (I have NO idea how she got my number, but it’s all good) she asked me if I had heard of the 50 Shades Trilogy. I said I had, I wasn’t a big fan. She was thrilled! They wanted a local author’s perspective on the series and seemed to be even happier about the fact that I didn’t like them. She asked if I’d be willing to go on the show. I said I would (WHAT WAS I THINKING! I can’t even talk to people, let alone on a radio station!) She asked if I could come in to the studio, but it’s a bit of a journey, so we arranged to do it by phone. So between 10.30-11 am tomorrow morning, I will be making a fool out of myself by babbling, ranting and (hopefully not swearing) stuttering on radio where hundreds if not thousands could be listening. Excellent. My biggest worry is offending someone. I really didn’t like the books. I couldn’t get through the second one and really forced myself through the first. I don’t want to go on and rant about how rubbish the books were, because they weren’t, but when I get nervous, I babble. Also, I would be devastated if someone went on the radio and slated MY work. So if I say anything offensive, I genuinely don’t mean to, but when I’m nervous, I have NO idea of what I’m saying. I’m an author, we sit in rooms alone for long periods of time creating fake worlds because we can’t function properly in the real one. I’m incredibly shy and self conscious, so this is terrifying me! But! My CBT therapist is always telling me to try new things, get out of my comfort zone and take part. I very much doubt EL James would care about my opinion on her books when her sales are as great as they are, but I also would never want to be completely against a body of work when mine is so full of flaws and far from perfect. So, ignore just about every word that comes out of my mouth if you do listen! Love and Hugs Lily (Socially inept, babbling crazy lady ;p)


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