100th Post! And FREE EBOOK!

Published 24/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

Wow. 100 Posts! You poor people!

More importantly! My ebook ‘Of Darkness and Light’ will be FREE (YES FREE!!!!!) Next weekend. PLEASE ensure you tell everyone you know that likes paranormal romance and YA/Teen fiction because…IT’S FREE! Even if you hate it, you haven’t paid for it so it’s all good! 30th June to 1st July on Amazon. Just search my name or ‘Of Darkness and Light’ on Amazon and you’ll find it.

Just incase you haven’t been paying attention;


I spoil you lot! Love you all x

I was intending to keep with the kitten theme, but couldn’t find a picture of Johnny Depp with a Kitten. So here is Johnny Depp with a dead Raven/Crow on his head. Not a happy bunny as they’re my favourite birds. I’m hoping they’re fake.

Image Detail

Something I don’t understand; Why is he called The Lone Ranger if he always has Tonto with him? ;p


Let me know what you think...

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