Published 11/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

Oh my! Bad times! I was tidying my section at work (I work in retail unfortunately. Most criminals don’t get punished that badly!) and I was happily daydreaming away to myself, smiling a stupid grin, when a customer said;

‘Excuse me…’

I turned around and replied;

‘Yes Doctor?’

Oh the blushes. I just hope they miss heard me. Must cut down on the Dr. Who.

So come on peeps, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done or said when daydreaming?

And here is a lovely picture of the offending article, mainly because I can. Mwahahahahahahahhaaaa! *evil laugh* And a kitten, because everyone loves kittens!

Image Detail

Writing wise, things have slowed a little. I had a sample critique done for the first chapter on a novel I am writing (more Para romance, first draft so far) and was told ‘the long connection of Jessica and Brandon – reads more like a soggy Nancy Drew than the kind of paranormal teen romance that can stake its claim in this overcrowded market.’ Ouch. There is one small benefit of being unpublished and not being famous and all that jazz; I’m allowed to be hurt by criticism and I’m allowed to rant about it a bit! *evil laugh* I think that comment was a little close to the bone, especially as the person who wrote it would like me to send them a large sum of money to do the same to the rest of the novel. Double ouch.

So my enthusiasm has waned a little. I was really happy with the way this one was turning out, but now I am eating a lot of chocolate, watchign a lot of Dr. Who (and HP and the Goblet of Fire…eViL DaViD tEnNaNt! Booyah!) BUT, i have foun some very willing beta readers to read it, and hopefully they will like it a  little more than the critiquer did.

Here’s another picture of DT because he’s so…

I will try and reign in the fangirl squealing. Or not;

Does anyone else feel a wrneching in their gut when they look at that picture ^


So, not much to report my end at the moment, but I am working on some things…

Also, there is the trailer comp on facebook! Don’t forget!

Love and hugs

Lily x




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