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Published 30/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

My e-book ‘Of Darkness and Light’ is FREE Sat and Sun (UK time so check back if it’s not showing as free!)



My 1st Radio Interview!

Published 28/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

And it’s not even about MY work! I was sat happily reading ‘A Feast for Crows’, munching on dry Cheerios, when my phone rang. My phone NEVER rings unless it’s a cold caller, so I was prepping myself to give them a mouthful. It wasn’t. It was a lady from a local radio station (I have NO idea how she got my number, but it’s all good) she asked me if I had heard of the 50 Shades Trilogy. I said I had, I wasn’t a big fan. She was thrilled! They wanted a local author’s perspective on the series and seemed to be even happier about the fact that I didn’t like them. She asked if I’d be willing to go on the show. I said I would (WHAT WAS I THINKING! I can’t even talk to people, let alone on a radio station!) She asked if I could come in to the studio, but it’s a bit of a journey, so we arranged to do it by phone. So between 10.30-11 am tomorrow morning, I will be making a fool out of myself by babbling, ranting and (hopefully not swearing) stuttering on radio where hundreds if not thousands could be listening. Excellent. My biggest worry is offending someone. I really didn’t like the books. I couldn’t get through the second one and really forced myself through the first. I don’t want to go on and rant about how rubbish the books were, because they weren’t, but when I get nervous, I babble. Also, I would be devastated if someone went on the radio and slated MY work. So if I say anything offensive, I genuinely don’t mean to, but when I’m nervous, I have NO idea of what I’m saying. I’m an author, we sit in rooms alone for long periods of time creating fake worlds because we can’t function properly in the real one. I’m incredibly shy and self conscious, so this is terrifying me! But! My CBT therapist is always telling me to try new things, get out of my comfort zone and take part. I very much doubt EL James would care about my opinion on her books when her sales are as great as they are, but I also would never want to be completely against a body of work when mine is so full of flaws and far from perfect. So, ignore just about every word that comes out of my mouth if you do listen! Love and Hugs Lily (Socially inept, babbling crazy lady ;p)

Romanian Interview

Published 27/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

This is so awesome! I got a lovely message on facebook about doing an interview for a Romanian Blog, and I was waaaaay too excited about it lol. Here it is, even if you can’t read it, check out the uber cute animation on the blog. I wish my blog was that cute!


Love and Hugs

Lily x

A Place to Write (or in this case, make bookmarks)

Published 26/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’ve just been reading an article in a writing magazine about the spaces in which people write and whether they think it’s important to have a separate place to write.

Annoyingly, my bedroom is my office, dining room, living room etc etc ad infinitum. And it’s blooming tiny! I can just about fit my bed, desk and tv etc in, but it’s a serious struggle. Kids, don’t move out of your parent’s home, because if you do, they’ll give your room to your younger brother and you get the crappy little box room. Rant over.

Anyhoo, I’ve added some pictures to show you how hard it is to fit everything in…but I manage. It’s not ideal for writing in due to the lack of space. I can’t spread things out like I need to as my desk barely fits my laptop on it, and my bed is often a desk/dinner table/work space. As I am currently on a bookmark making spree, it makes things even worse as I think have a laminator, guillotine and a thousand pieces of paper to contend with. I’m thinking of starting a charity appeal for a bigger space! (I’m kidding) ‘Writers all over the world are having to try to write in the most adverse conditions. YOU can change this. For just £2 a month, you could buy a writer a bigger desk, a better laptop or a printer that isn’t useless. Please, give generously…’ Lol.

So, here is my room. I thought you might all get a giggle from how ridiculous it is and get rid of any preconceived ideas that being a writer is remotely glamorous or sexy. It’s not even close to either. Maybe that changes when you get published. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to move out of the ‘rents spare room and actually have a HOUSE! Or not. We shall see.

Love and Hugs

Lily x

I am stood right against the door to take this, just about everything I own has to be shoverd under the tiny (not quite single as it’s so small) bed.

The view from my bed. The box is over the stairs so thankfully there is somewhere to put my tv etc.

Awful corner desk! Filing cabinet (that holds my millions of rejections) is also used as a printer stand/vanity unit and general dumping area.


So where do you write if you’re so inclined? x

100th Post! And FREE EBOOK!

Published 24/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

Wow. 100 Posts! You poor people!

More importantly! My ebook ‘Of Darkness and Light’ will be FREE (YES FREE!!!!!) Next weekend. PLEASE ensure you tell everyone you know that likes paranormal romance and YA/Teen fiction because…IT’S FREE! Even if you hate it, you haven’t paid for it so it’s all good! 30th June to 1st July on Amazon. Just search my name or ‘Of Darkness and Light’ on Amazon and you’ll find it.

Just incase you haven’t been paying attention;


I spoil you lot! Love you all x

I was intending to keep with the kitten theme, but couldn’t find a picture of Johnny Depp with a Kitten. So here is Johnny Depp with a dead Raven/Crow on his head. Not a happy bunny as they’re my favourite birds. I’m hoping they’re fake.

Image Detail

Something I don’t understand; Why is he called The Lone Ranger if he always has Tonto with him? ;p


Published 24/06/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’m in a foul mood today. I can’t concentrate on my writing, I have no inspiration and I can’t stop eating. Thoroughly fed up in general to be honest. The medication I take for anxiety and depression are causing me to put on a lot of weight (More than a stone) and ar increasing my appetite so that I am ALWAYS hungry. To add to the fun, they’re not kicking the depression, so not only am I now feeling fat, disgusting and hungry, but I’m also utterly depressed as well.

The biggest misconception of depression is that it’s feeling sad. It’s not. It’s feeling hopeless and not caring about anything. Been threatened with losing your job? You don’t care! Someone pointing a gun at your head? You don’t care! It’s an awful feeling as you don’t want to do anything. And if you do manage to start something, you never finish it. I can’t sit still for more than five minutes at a time. My tiny room is a mess because I keep starting things, but can’t make myself finish them. Feeling completely despondent because I can’t even write! I can’t go for a walk as I have shin splints and am just generally really fed up. Sorry for the downer post, but a lot of people are asking when this book, or that book will be coming out, but I can’t even think beyond today at the moment. I don’t want to try and work on things in this mood as it won’t end well for anyone;

‘Then a huge bomb went off and everyone died! The End’ Style scenarios will be making a lot of appearances!

To anyone out there suffering from depression, you have my complete and utter understanding and sympathy. To anyone living with someone suffering from it, you also have my sympathy. We’re not easy to live with. I’m just hoping my Dr will sort my meds out and I will start feeling like a human being again some time soon (I have a week off from work and was intending to get a LOT of writing done)

On the plus side, I have gone into bookmark overdrive. On the negative, I don’t have much money to send them out lol. How annoying.

Sorry about the TMI post, I just don’t want you all thinking I’ve forgotten about you. I also feel that mental illness isn’t something that should be hidden away, denied or ignored. It’s just as life threatening as Cancer, sometimes even more so, but people feel the need to be ashamed of it. I can’t help having depression anymore than people can help being in a wheelchair. It’s just one of those things.

Hopefully I’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel soon as I’m really starting to annoy myself.

Love and Hugs

Lily x


Here’s a kitteh to make us all smile! And David Tennant, just because.

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