Published 25/05/2012 by Lily Crussell

I will admit I launched a magazine across the room today. Please explain to me why we’re suprised with the record numbers of cases of Anorexia, Bullemia, Suicide, Self Harm and all the other awful things that are happening in the world today? The magazine I was reading was the typical, generic ‘girl’s/woman’s’ magazine, and the whole thing was just a breeding pit for low self esteem and depression!

The features were offensive;

‘Ring of Truth’ – i.e let’s point out someone’s faults.

‘Celebrity is anoreic or obese’ – they’ve either lost or put on two pounds (or it’s just an unfortunate photo)

‘Fashion pages’ – All the models are underfed.

‘Diet Pages’ – i.e How to look underfed.

The only, honest to god non offensive page I could find were the book/music reviews, and once I’d read them, the magazine was launched across the room.

Please, please, as a so called civilised society, can we please stop with the negative imagery we are having shoved down our throats! Healthy girls are fat, the clothes you wear are more important than your brain, celebrities who are famous for…well, I dont honestly know! Why is everyone so shocked that girls are starving themselves? Killing themselves? Hating themselves? Comparing themselves to imaged that are Photoshopped, edited and altered. It makes me so ANGRY!

As someone who had suffered from Anorexia (and I’m not entirely sure it’s something you ever totally get over) I am baffled that it’s allowed. I spent a large chunk of my teen years pretending to eat, counting every single calorie, exercising like crazy and taking diet pills. I thought I was fat. I was 7and a half stone. At my lowest I was probably about 6 and a half. I wouldn’t weigh myself.

I see pictures of myself from that time and I am utterly horrified.

And we allow it to happen because of the complete and utter rubbish that we are consuming in these glossy magazines! Ask yourself honestly, have you ever felt good after reading one of those things? I know I haven’t. A celebrity is held up high on a pedestal one week, then torn to shreds the next. And that’s ok. God forbid we remember they’re human!

The one that really gets to me is Adele. She is a normal girl. She stated she wouldn’t lose weight etc, but then evidently was forced to. There are photos of her looking exhausted and underfed because no one focuses on her AMASING voice and talents, they’re too busy analysing what she’s wearing, what she’s eating. WHO CARES! Seriously! Will it prevent global warming if she loses five pounds? Will animals stop being endangered if she wears the ‘right’ clothes labels? Of course not!

Girls are essentially being made to feel that they are walking clothes horses that have to be ‘perfect’. But the idea of perfect is constantly changing. ‘Curves are great’, ‘Thin is in’ how is anyone supposed to make it through their teens with any sense of self when this crap is being thrown at them from all directions!

I need you all to do something for me, and it’s really important.

Go get a mirror.

I’ll wait.

Got one?

Ok, now look at that beautiful, smart, wonderful person looking back at you. She is the most important person in the world. She is. You’d be nowhere without her. She is essential to your survival. So please cut the poor girl some slack. If you are healthy, who cares if you’re not a size zero? Who wants to be miserable and living off carrot sticks? It’s not healthy! We weren’t meant to be that small! Be the one girl who yells a resounding ‘NO’ to all that. BE YOURSELF. Why would you possibly want to be a cardboard cut out of every other girl out there? Embrace what makes you different! Your freckles are cute! Your curls are awesome! Bad skin? So what! I’m 28 and I still have bad skin! It never stopped me doing anything I wanted to do.

But do you know what did? My crap opinion of myself. Blaming myself for not being perfect when it was unobtainable.Thinking I was stupid because I wasn’t as smart as the other girls. Starving myself because being thing was all I had. Anorexia stole some of the best years from me. It didn’t make me popular, it made me antisocial. I was a bitch to people because I was hungry and exhausted. I wouldn’t go out with friends if there was food involved! I went to an all girls school, so you can imagine what it was like, but I was my own worst enemy and it really needs to stop.

Losing those five pounds WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY. I can promise you that. The second you lose those five, you’ll want another five, or you’ll notice that your hair is too frizzy, your nose too big…it’s complete rubbish! You are stunning. Beautiful. Amasing. You could be the one who finds a cure for cancer, writes an incredible life changing book, enters the Olympics…but you can’t do any of that whilst you’re hating the skin you’re in. Even if you end up mediocre like me, big WHO CARES! Your happiness and health is far more important that medals, beauty queen sashes and a group of clique-y friends. Be the freak. Be the weirdo. Be the geek. But please be you, or you’ll waste your whole life trying to change something you can’t, only to realise that you’re amazing just the way you are. Honestly. I believe that one hundred per cent.

Promise me one thing. Even if you can’t love that wonderful person in the mirror, at least cut her some slack!

And chuck out all those glossy magazines! They’re just bad for your health!

Lily x


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