Published 19/05/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’m sorry there haven’t been that many updates recently, but in all honesty, nothing much has been happening my end. Just a lot of chocolate eating and writer’s block.

I have also gone back to Pole Fitness classes after a year away, so I am super excited about that, even though my new teacher is a drill sergeant in disguise! I love her to bits!

Just a quick update about the giveaway;

I will be doing a mini draw tomorrow for bookmarks and badges. This is worldwide so get entering! There are over 650 tickets gone which is crazy! I have loads more though so don’t worry. Also bear in mind that you only need one ticket to win. Just because some people have gotten lots, it doesn;t mean you can’t win! There are three prizes which I’m still adding to, but they include; badges, keychains, magnets, pens, postit notes, tote bags, t shirts, bookmarks… such a lot of stuff!

Good luck y’all

Love and Hugs

Lily x


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