Music to Write to

Published 06/05/2012 by Lily Crussell

I have been asked several times what kind of music I listen to when I’m writing, and I think it was Stephanie Meyer that was so vocal about Muse when she wrote that the two became interlinked.

I have different music depending upon my mood. As I’m currently working on ‘Of Blood and Feathers’ I need something that I like, but it’s too distracting. Recently I’ve been listening to Charlie Simpson’s ‘Young Pilgrim’ on repeat, the Silent Hill 2+3 OSTs if I need to get in a creepy/depressing/sad mood. Josh Groban is also great to have on in the background. 30 Seconds to Mars are always on my playlist, but I find I can’t writ too well when I have them on as I get so absorbed in the music.

I’ve also recently gotten back into Sophie B Hawkins, The Backstreet Boys (lol), Jack Jone’s ‘Waiting, wishing’, Incubus (the older stuff), The Crow original soundtrack.

Fightstar’s Grand Unification is also a great one if you are writing something distopian as the whole album has that feel to it.

What are you listening to right now?

Love and Hugs x


One comment on “Music to Write to

  • I’m like you, when I’m writing I plug my earphones into the laptop and hunt down music to listen to. But what I listen to depends on what I’m writing about at the time.. but it’s usually things like Korn, Queen of the Damned soundtrack, Stone Sour.. that sort of thing… But if it’s a sad scene of some sort then recently it’s Adele 🙂
    I find listening to music cuts out the world around me and brings me into the world I’m writing about and makes it easier for me 🙂 Don’t know if that’s the same for everyone, but I find it helps with my dyslexia too as I’m not worrying about spelling etc, I just go with the flow and just write and see where it takes me (and worry about spelling and grammer afterwards! lol) 🙂

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