Part 2

Published 27/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

I totally need a ‘FAQs Friday’ theme tune lol. Something I could play in my head when I’m typing! As it is, I’m listening to Josh Groban – Ala Luce Del Sol. Love it!

Ok let’s get down to the questions!

What’s the next book in the series called? I saw on your FB you mentioned it..

I’ve actually made a whole load of new bookmarks for the new book…and it’s not even finished yet. Well, it’s finished, but it doesn’t work anymore due to the changes I had to make to the first book. It is going to be called ‘Of Blood and Feathers’ and will introduce a new bad boy for all those who love Lucy. I have written half of the third book too, but the characters are in limbo at the moment as I got so caught up in editing the first book, I abandoned the third. Now I have to go back to the second, fix that, copyedit, format etc etc ad infinitum. ebooks are a great idea, but formatting them is my own mini hell as it never works! It looks perfect…until I upload it to Amazon! Urgh!

When is you book going to be free again?

I’m not sure on this one. I get five days where I can put it up for free. I will have to wait until July to get more (If I sign up with Amazon exclusively again which I doubt I will) so it probably won’t be for a long while as I’ve only just had it free. I do give out free copies in giveaways for blogs and reviews so if you have either and want to do a giveaway let me know.

Can I have some Swag?

Only if you finish all your vegetables and tidy your room… I do a LOT of giveaways so keep an eye on my twitter @LilyCrussell and my facebook (just my name) sometimes I just give away sets of bookmarks on a spur of the moment in my statuses and whoever messages me first gets them. Unfortunately, I have a crappy retail job and don’t make a lot of money. I don’t buy things I need, I buy stamps, paper and ink. So sometimes I just can’t afford to be sending them out unfortunately. If I had the money, I would send EVERYONE some. I really do enjoy making them and love sending them out. It’s just a financial thing unfortunately. Keep an eye on my page as usually have some kind of giveaway going. I have two running at the mo, both end at the beginning of May. I’m looking into what I can do next.

I heard badges….?

I’m thinking of buying a badge making machine and I think it would be a lot of fun, plus I could make promo badges to send out to you all. Unfortunately it’s not cheap so it may have to be put on the back-burner for the time being.



3 comments on “Part 2

  • Random question, did I miss something who is Lucy? I re-read the book again and I didn’t see a character named Lucy, or did you are write another book?

    & Yay for the second book I cannot wait.

    • Lucy is a term of endearment for Lucifer. lol. People get scared when I mention Lucifer, so I tend to mention him as Lucy is posts etc. Other wise people think I’m a devil worshipper! ;p

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