Published 25/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

So sorry about the lack of posts. I spent the weekend trying to promote my ebook being free. I hope you all got copies. If not, I will be offering it free again at some point, just not sure when yet. I have three free days left until July, so I might do a long weekend sometimes. BUT! It is only 99p/$1.50 an I figure that’s about the price of a chocolate bar (ok a little more) and it’ll keep you entertained longer and is calorie and fat free! Lol.

Keep questions coming in for FAQ friday and I’ll answer just about anything. I really am pretty shameless…unless I think it will offend or upset.

I’m currently working on the follow up to ‘Of Darkness and Light’ which WAS finished, but due to all the changes I made to ODAL, I have to work through and ensure they’re correct in the current book. Plus some other bits need reworking as they don’t really fit just right. There will be more Elora, more Raziel, more Thomas, more Barachiel and more Lucifer. Though the latter is trying to give himself a starring role. I really can’t say no to him and it’s making writing difficult! Some characters are a joy to write, some are very stubborn. Some won’t say a work, some will tell you everything you need to know about them. It’s slightly worrying at times, but oh well. ;p I’ve also chosen the title which was A LOT easier than with ODAL because I kept finding books with the titles I wanted. Not good when you’ve spent hours thinking about it! x

Love and Hugs x


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