FAQ Friday

Published 20/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

Ok, let’s get down to the questions!

-I’ve written a book. How do I get it published?

Ensure that the book is completely fixed as far as grammar, punctuation and spelling are concerned. Also ensure that all copy editing is done (i.e the layout of the page) you can find people to do this for you if you struggle. Once that is done, you can either go it alone via self publishing, or get an agent. Most publishing houses will not even look at a manuscript that is sent it by an individual. They have to receive it as a referral from an Agent. Get a copy of ‘Writers and Artists Yearbook’ (UK) (your local library may have a copy) or the equivalent in the country you’re in. Find agents that work with your type of novel (I.e YA etc) and follow their guidelines to apply to them. Expect to be waiting about 3 months to hear back from them, but don’t be surprised if it takes 6 months or longer. Apply to several (or all) at once to ensure you’re not wasting your time waiting forever.

If you choose to go the ‘Self Publishing’ route, you have two choices; e-book (which is usually free if you do it yourself via Amazon etc) or a self publisher that works with novels. Self publishers will charge you! Be aware of this. They will pretty much print ANYTHING if you have the money, so if you’ve been rejected by agents and publishers, this is an option. You could be looking at about £1000 to get it all ready for print and some copies. I’m not an expert on self publishing, so look up their websites in your country and see what you think.


-Is there going to be a follow up to ‘Of Darkness an Light’?

Yes. It just needs a HUGE amount of work. The series is a trilogy. The second book was finished about a year ago, but due to the changes made in the first, I have some serious rewrites to do. I’ve been so busy promoting the first book, it may be a while before it sees the light of day as it is going to take a while.


-What else are you working on?

Way too much! I struggle to stay on one book at a time and will write manically for about a week or two on one, then think of a great idea for one of the others and start again on that. I am really annoying myself with it! I need to focus and get to work on the follow up to ‘Of Darkness and Light’ It’s just so easy to be distracted.


Keep the questions coming peeps and I’ll answer some more later x




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