And so the debate continues….

Published 19/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

During The London Book Fair, they raised a point which I had never realised. They were talking about why e-books were the same price as a physical, tangible book. It’s something I have asked so many times as I personally don’t want to pay £7.99 for a digital copy when I could have a beautiful, paper copy on my shelf. I love books. I love how they look, feel and taste. Ok, I’m kidding about the last one, but I would never abandon books for a ebook. Maybe if I were wanting to travel and it was easier to pack a Kindle/Nook/Kobo etc (I don’t currently own one) but usually, I’d rather go into a book shop and buy something I can touch and hold. Plus I’m also paranoid about data loss etc. You can’t accidentally erase a book from your bookshelf.

Anyway, the point the speaker made (I can’t for the life of me remember his name, but he worked in the publishing industry) was that printing, shipping, storage etc of a physical book is about 15% of the price. There is no VAT on books.

The VAT on an ebook is 20% so they aren’t actually saving anything by producing an ebook.

It wasn’t something I had ever been made aware of as I just thought they were out to make a quick buck on something they put less work into.

I still honestly wouldn’t pay the same amount though, even knowing that. I feel that if I’m paying that kind of money for something, I want to have something I can see on my shelf, or lend to a friend (without the worry of them having the same technology)

Anyhoo, rant over, I just thought it was something not a lot of people know

Love and hugs


4 comments on “And so the debate continues….

  • i love books being able to hold them the smell. ebooks are ok if i have to travel but would never give up my real books, plus how come half the time i can get real books cheaper in asda?

    • I know, I feel the same way about physical books. They excite me. I love libraries and book shops. Asda (and Amazon) due ot their size and commercial power, will demand to buy the book at a lower price which is why authors make practically nothing off their books these days (unelss they go crazy like Twilight etc)

  • I have had to re-inforce my bookshelves. Well I got someone else to do the whole DIY, drilling, brackets ect, but that’s beside the point. I totally agree on the whole physical book thing, I can cope with eletronic books when I desperatly need to find a chapter or phrase pronto, but I tend to remain firmly a paper/hardback girl.
    (Except one of my own stories which I publish online on a blog purely for the reason that it costs me nothing to do so and people can still read it!)

    • I completely agree. I used to have bookshelves OVERFLOWING with books, but had to rehome most of them when I moved back in with my parents (trying to fit a whole house in a bedroom is not fun lol) My book is in e-book format solely because no one will publish it. I apparently missed the boat on the ‘Angel craze’ though I get get a lot of interest from Agents. C’est la vie! x

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