Book Fair Day Two

Published 17/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

Well, today was slightly useless. My shoulders were in so much pain from yesterday that it hurt just to carry a light bag! I’ve posted some photos I took of the interesting stands today which was difficult in such a busy place! They’re on my facebook page.

As for talks, I only went to one which wasn’t all that useful. The one I really wanted to go to was packed, and as I got there late (I got lost!), there was no room so I couldn’t go in đŸ˜¦

I also had a terrible headache and back ache and had to leave even before I got to see Caitlin Moran! I am so sad! I was proudly wearing a promotional t-shirt though, which made me think people were looking at me weirdly, but they were just trying to read the print on my tee! So unfortunately I didn’t achieve much, but I did come away with a tonne of pens and some cloth bags I can reuse! WIN! I am determined to get the cost of my tickets back in pens! Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *evil laugh*

Don’t forget about the new giveaway;!/pages/Lily-Crussell/229502913788140?sk=app_204684816209053


And FAQ Friday! Keep the questions coming, they can be about ANYTHING! Writing, me, my work, being a Vegan, hell, just being a girl if you like! I’m open to just about anything!

Love and hugs x


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