Oh noez!

Published 14/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

Intentional spelling above! I know, I’m usually terrible for typos, but this is a LOLcats quote, so I should be able to get away with it! 🙂

I’ve not had internet access all day, so apologies for the late post.

Today I’ve decided to pop up some links to help you with writer’s block. No, they’re not advice on how to beat it, they’re just fun, time wasting sites that I find occupy my mind long enough for me to stop flipping out about it (the more I think about writer’s block, the worse it gets!)

So, y’all need to check these out. Some may contain strong language or adult themes, so please use discretion!;

www.smosh.com Two guys who got famous from making silly videos on Youtube. hilarious videos mocking just about everything under the sun!

www.9gag.com Memes a plenty.

www.akwardfamilyphotos.com Awful photos people have of their families. You may even be an unsuspecting star!

www.failbook.failblog.org  A site mocking users of facebook and the site itself. There are some of the cleverest, dumbest and most entertaining statuses of all time. I was particularly ashamed with all the statuses stating that people didn’t realise Titanic actually happened. Oh dear.

http://snopes.com/   I LOVE this site! Heard a rumour or urban legend and want to know if it’s true? This site has the answers. Extensive information and really entertaining. The hundreds of ‘threats’ my parents warned me about as a kid are on here (razor blades in trick or treat sweets etc) and the proof that they NEVER happened. At the very least, this site makes you realise the world isn’t quite as bad as you may have thought!

So there you have it, that should keep you occupied for a few hours if the dreaded block happens. Finding something to take your mind off it is the best solution after all!

Love and Hugs



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