Published 11/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’ve decided to have a FAQs Friday every week, this means you can any me ANYTHING you want. If I can answer it, I will. It can be about me, my books, the industry or being a newbie author, marketing, advertising…you name it. I believe I can help you not to make the mistakes I did and feel that there’s no reason for them to be made twice. Someone should benefit from my failures! And I’ve had quite a few! So people, get your questions in, leave them as comments to this post or message me with them and we’ll do some on Friday. I’m not shy, ask me anything!

As a follow on from yesterday’s post, I am sad to admit I have listened to nothing but the Backstreet boys since yesterday. God help me!

A couple of reminders;

10th person to download my book wins a mug! This is a new comp and not related to the bookmark one. If you’ve downloaded it, let me know and I’ll tell you if you’re the lucky person!

Check out my facebook page for my BIGGEST GIVE AWAY EVER! Win bookmarks, a mug (different from the other one) stickers, postcards…etc etc ad infinitum! I think there’s a pen too! (It’s all packed up ready to go)

Also have a look at the links I’ve posted for other giveaways I am a part of, they tend to involve other authors too so you can win a tonne of different stuff! It’s all free and the only effort involved is liking and posting links. That’s it and you get free stuff! How great is that!

Love and Hugs

Lily x


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