Book marks! How to make them…

Published 06/04/2012 by Lily Crussell

How to make bookmarks

I use my bookmarks for promotion, but enjoy making them too. I find a lot of satisfaction in the finished product and love giving them out to friends and on faceboook.

Things you will need;

– Word or a similar programme. I use Word for mine, it’s probably easier to use other programmes, but I am poor and only have access to what was already on my laptop lol.

– A Printer, slightly obvious I know. Also you will probably go through a lot of ink, especially if you are using a lot of graphics on your bookmarks. Print in black and white using coloured paper to save money.

– A paper cutter/guillotine. You can find these in most stationary stores. I stole my mum’s so a not entirely sure where it came from. You can use either of the types shown below, but the left one was one I bought from a stationary store, and it didn’t last very long as the blade blunted very quickly. I also couldn’t cope with many sheets at a time, so took a lot longer!


– Coloured paper. Lots of bright and eye-catching colours!

– A laminator. These can cost from £20+ so invest in a good one! I bought a cheap one and it was useless! I now have a much better one and things are a lot faster and easier!

– Laminating sheets. Check the density as some machines can’t cope with the thicker ones! I bought these at Wilkinsons (UK) for £2.50 for 25, which is a bargain compared to most places.


– Open your programme. I used Word, but there are much better ones out there. Make the page landscape, and divide it into four equal parts with boxes.

Insert a clipart you like. You can use your own pictures, but be careful as a  lot of photos on the net need royalties to be paid to use them. The clipart on the programme is free to use, so it’s best to stick with that. Stretch the picture so that it fits over two of the boxes.

Change the colour to ‘black and white’ and lower the saturation. The more there is to the image, the more ink it will take. You need to bear in mind you will be using coloured paper, so keep the image basic and dull it until it is mostly outline.

I’ve changed the image in the example as I couldn’t find it on the search! But the same process applies.

Add text boxes with all the info you need and make sure you check spelling!!!!

The image I originally used looked a lot more detailed and colourful. I drained away the detail until it would allow the text to stand out enough. Also make the image transparent so all text is most prominent. You can see the original image on the right in this picture.

I loved the colour, but when printed on white paper, there was so much ink that the paper was soggy. I also wasn’t getting many out of each cartridge, hence the move to black and white.

Once you’re happy with your design and you’ve checked it over for spelling etc, and that it has all the info on it that you want; website, contact details (never put your home address and number etc) info about the book etc. You’re now ready to print it!

It’s already looking pretty promising, but now come the fiddly bits! You need to cut the bookmarks out like so.

Once you’ve cut them all out (don’t even think about using scissors or you’ll have a nervous breakdown. Plus the edges won’t be as neat and it will take you forever!) they need to be folded in half.

Then pop them in the laminating sheets

You can only get four in each one. Leave a gap around the edge of each to ensure the laminating sheets sticks or the whole thing will fall apart.

Be careful when doing this as they can jam. Don’t try to put more than one in at once and read all the instructions before you use the machine as they  may be different. Some have to be put in  cardboard sleeve before you can feed them into the machine.

The bookmarks will be shiny now and just need to be cut out.

Those are my legs. I was trimming them on the bed as I have a tiny room. it’s best to do this on a stable surface. Safety first kids!

And you’re done. Now all you have to do is repeat with all of them and give them to friends, family and giveaways on face book!


3 comments on “Book marks! How to make them…

    • I’m not going to lie to you, it took me a while! I drew boxes and then adjsted them to make them equal. I can’t remember exactly how, but there’s a way of adjusting them to ensure they’re all the same size. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, but I stumbled upon it by accident, got very excited, told myself I needed to remember how to do it and then forgot it two seconds later. I am a bit blonde like that! x

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