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Vegan Freaks!

Published 18/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

I had to address this as I keep getting some seriously weird questions from people I know and figured if I answer them all on here, I’ll save myself a whole bunch of time.

I am a vegan. Yes, we’re freaks. Before I ‘turned’ (I was bitten by another vegan) I quite honestly didn’t understand what it was. I had been veggie for  long time, but had had t give it up due to a ridiculously unsupportive ex who made it hell. I’d never been fussed by meat if I was honest and ate it because it was ‘easy’. I had no idea what they were or why they were that way so I thought I would explain a few facts (I will try not to be preachy!)

What is a Vegan?

Vegans are people who don’t eat or use products that came from animals. This obv includes meat but also extends to wool, leather, eggs, milk, bees wax, silk (silk worms) and a lot of the side products that are used in make up/toothpaste etc etc. I have found there are two MAIN reasons (obv everyone has their own reasons) for going Vegan; 1. For the Animals. 2. For the People.

1. For the Animals.

This one is slightly obvious. If you don’t like the idea of animals being harmed, you don’t eat them or contribute to a trade that harms them. I personally know for a fact I could never go out and kill an animal, so I think it would make me a hypocrite to eat them. I wouldn’t eat a dog as they are companion animals, but I extend that to all creatures. I don’t think ANYTHING should have to die for me; people, animals, fish etc.

2. For the people.

It is impossible to feed the whole world the way we are going right now. The land we use to graze cows (etc) and the land used to grow food for those animals is wasted. If it was all used to grow food solely for people, everyone could eat. That means everyone. There would be no hunger as there would be enough for everyone.


The vegan diet is unhealthy?

Yeah it is. That’s why all us vegans are doing so well! Sorry for the sarcasm, but I get this a lot. Before I went Vegan, I got serious IBS, always felt ill, had no energy and looked pale and sickly. Now I have colour and feel infinitely better. I don’t get colds, IBS, or any of the other problems I had before. Look up Scott Jurek. He is an ultrarunner i.e runs 300 mile races etc. He is a Vegan. Do you think he could do that if his diet didn’t provide for him?

What do you eat?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I live off air. Again, sorry for the sarcasm, but this question really gets to me. Before we learned how to kill or cook meat, how do you think our species survived? I can eat most of the foods I loved before; rice, pasta, veg, fruit, bread (most kinds), pulses, seeds, nuts and there is no end of Vegan junk food too to satisfy my sweet and savoury needs.

Cakes and Ice cream?

There are dairy free alternatives. A lot of people are lactose intolerant (Lactose is found in cows milk) so can’t have products with milk in. Some people are coeliac so can’t have wheat. There are a lot of Vegan alternatives out there, you just need to know where to look. Try Ms.cupcake, she is amazing! You wouldn’t know the were vegan if you weren’t told!

Isn’t it hard?

It is. But solely because very few companies want to provide for us. Milk and eggs are snuck into a LOT of foods. They are cheap fillers and binders and aren’t needed, it’s just that they are CHEAPER than a plant alternative. Eating out is a challenge, especially as a lot of people have never heard of Veganism. Trying to tell someone you can’t have butter on your baked potato is a nightmare! Also intolerance is seriously old. Just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t make it wrong. I feel great and no longer feel guilty about anything I put in my body.


Are you healthy?

I’m great thank you. One thing our bodies can’t get from food is B12. This is due to a lot of companies cleaning fruit and veg too thoroughly. It is found in soil etc and is in the skins of veg. It tends to get removed and destroyed when veg is scrubbed and cleansed.


I get you don’t want to eat meat as it’s cruel, but why not eggs and Milk?

Go look up battery farming. Chickens have their beaks cut off to stop them pecking each other. They are given a cage they can’t turn around in and are treated abysmally. My theory is, if you wouldn’t do it to a child, don’t do it to an animal.

As for milk? Cows need to have a calf to produce milk. The calf isn’t needed once it’s born as they don’t want it using up the milk the mother is producing. Some female calves are kept for milk. All male calves are killed. The mother is constantly made pregnant, then having her calves destroyed to keep up milk production. Once she can’t produce enough milk, she ends up as leather and meat, if she’s not too old.


What about vegetarianism?

I used to be a Veggie, but if I’m honest, I don’t understand them now that I am better informed. If you don’t eat meat because you don’t like it, that’s one thing, but not eating meat because you don’t want animals too be harmed makes no sense if you drink milk and eat eggs which are also products of cruelty.


Do you hate meat Eaters?

Absolutely ;p Of course I don’t! That would be ridiculous. My only complaint is when carnivores say things like ‘You’d feel a lot better if you had a steak’ or ‘Why don’t you eat properly?’ I would say your beliefs are your own, as mine are. I won’t preach to you if you don’t preach to me.

‘Meat eaters are healthier….’

No my lovelies, you’re not. Look in any newspaper. They’re all pointing out how bad red meat is for you. t causes cancer apparently. It’s not even that. Animals are pumped full of steroids, antibiotics and fed rubbish to bulk them up quickly. You then eat all that. This is one reason why anti biotics are becoming useless. All meat eaters are unconsciously taking them in every time they eat meat. Meat isn’t anything like it was 50 years ago. The animals have been so inbred and abused, there is very little benefit to the meat in comparison. It isn’t even about the cruelty aspect. I wouldn’t want that in my body. As for milk, apparently a great source of calcium? No, it’s not. It makes your blood acidic. You geta  quick boost of calcium, then calcium is taken from your bones to even out the acid in your blood. This is fact. If you look at countries that don’t consume milk you will see how healthy they are. Japan had one of the lowest rates of cancer….until they adopted a more western diet. Red meat and dairy. Now their rates are getting as bad as Europe and America. Why isn’t this publicly known? Because the dairy and meat industries pay HUGE amounts to advertise and promote their products. I’m not going to go off on one about conspiracies or any of that, but do your own research and make your own decision.

Other sources;

Look up any of these as they’re great;

‘The kind Diet’ – Alicia Silverstone (Has a LOT of facts about all the crap you take in when eating meat and dairy)


If you have ANY questions, please feel free to ask, but please don’t fill up my comments and inbox with ‘Meat propaganda’ you can’t and won’t change my mind and I ask that you respect that, just as I don’t preach at meat eaters. xxxxx

Book Giveaway

Published 13/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

I have very kindly been invited to join the Easter Bunny Book Hop Giveaway so I’d ask you all to go check it out, you can win some great prizes as people are being VERY generous!!/events/127211800741759/


Published 12/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

I nearly passed out when I visited the post office to mail all the giveaway prizes! To send 11 packs to America, Africa and Austrailia it cost £30! Wow! I thought the lady behind the till was joking so I laughed. She didn’t appreciate that I can tell you!

I think an author’s biggest expense (excluding their time, energy, blood, sweat, tears etc etc) would be stationary and postage. Over the years of sending out manuscripts I must have spent hundreds. To send out three sample chapters, synopsis and cover letter etc, it needs three stamps per letter. Then 3 more for return postage. Each stamp is 24p? I can’t remember, but if I have sent them out to 20 agents (and I know it’s a lot more than that!) that’s a small fortune in itself. Plus if an agent is interested, you send on the full manuscript. To send mine it took 13 stamps one way (I told them to recycle it as I couldn’t afford return postage!) no wonder we’re all poor!

In other news (Rant over!( I have 5 packs of swag left in my giveaway!!/events/348024498569004/


Published 09/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

9 packs of swag left for my giveaway! Get yourselves over to the page and have a look!!/events/348024498569004/


Currently in the process of moving house so updates might be a little sporadic! Love you all xxxxx

Royalties! I can quit my day job!

Published 01/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

JOKE! I’ve made a grand total of £14 from Dec when I started selling my e-book until now. I’ve had about 900 downloads, but most of thoses were when it was free. I’ve emailed amazon about offering the book for free, but apparently it can only be done 5 days in a three month period! 😮

There is a LOT in the media about the state of the publishing industry, and how impossible it is to actually be published or make any money from it. I never started all this on the intention of being stupidly rich, I just want to make enough so that I can dedicate my time to writing, and not cramming it in between the full time job and everything else. £14 over three months isn’t going to cut it! I’ve been thinking about self publishing, but I know a lot of companies out there are seriously suspect. Has anyone out there used a great self publishing company?

Love and hugs x