Biggest Giveaway!

Published 31/03/2012 by Lily Crussell


To win all the lovely items in the photos, all you have to do is advertise! Yep, that’s it, post a quick link to my d/l kindle book (or the US equivalent) my blog; or get me followers on Twitter; @LilyCrussell.

To prove it’s your hard work, if you get your friends to do it too, or you get me followers and likes, ensure you get them to message me saying ‘(insert your name) sent me’ then who so ever gets the most mentions wins!

In this swag pack we have;

A Mug







So much swag! Plus you’re doing me a favour as I just don’t have space for all this stuff anymore!

PLUS! There’ll be a second prize of; Pen, bookmarks and postcards to the runner up!

This is worldwide, and as it will cost me a small fortune in postage, I want y’all to go out and work your buns off! Spread the word and win cool items!

P.S This is the ONLY mug in the world like this, I don’t even have one (I was going to keep it, but I’ll stick to my Tinkerbell mugs!)

Love and Hugs xxxxxx

I’ll be starting an event of facebook, so get all your friends to message me with who sent them and a link to their promotions, and if you’re feeling generous, you could always share the love and give them a bookmark!


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