Guerilla Advertising

Published 26/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

Ok, I’m no expert. Whenever I go to my local library, they now follow me around as though I am acting suspiciously. Why? Probably because I am acting suspiciously. Let me explain;

Book promotion is a nightmare. Not least when you don’t have a physical thing you can show people. I have made no end of bookmarks and spent a small fortune on promotional bits from vistaprint. But none of that stuff gives itself out. As a noob to all this, and someone who figured an expert would deal with promotion ‘when’ she got a book deal, I find the whole thing mind blowing.

I go into my local library and stick my bookmarks in teen fiction. I take out ten+ books at a time, then return them within 24 hours with my promotional bits in them. I must state; I don’t do anything that would damage or change the books! I haven’t been caught…yet, but every time I go in there, I feel guilty. In the big scale of things, putting a few bookmarks in a few books seriously isn;t a big deal, but I think the fact that I act so guiltily every time I go in there makes them suspicious!

I have been known to sneakily put small stacks of my bookmarks with the pamphlets of petting zoos, takeaways, backs of toilet doors (captive audience) and just about anywhere I think I can get away with. I have gone door to door putting info through letter boxes. This last one I wouldn’t recommend.

I have contacted my old school for help (they didn’t even reply to my email) and I’ve begged, bribed and harassed no end of people to get my book seen…and it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.

What’s my point? I suppose I’m trying to warn all you newbies about what is involved. You have to fight, tooth and claw to get your work seen. You have to have no pride, no shame and be willing to jump on every chance there is. Use any connections you may have. And most of all; Be willing to help out others. Giveaways are hard work for the people organising them, and if someone is kind enough to involve you, ensure you show your appreciation! Advertise their page, their group and acknowledge their kindness.

Writing is a dog eat dog world, but I don’t think it needs to be. Kindness is one thing this world could always do with more of!

Love and hugs

Lily xxx


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