Published 12/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

I nearly passed out when I visited the post office to mail all the giveaway prizes! To send 11 packs to America, Africa and Austrailia it cost £30! Wow! I thought the lady behind the till was joking so I laughed. She didn’t appreciate that I can tell you!

I think an author’s biggest expense (excluding their time, energy, blood, sweat, tears etc etc) would be stationary and postage. Over the years of sending out manuscripts I must have spent hundreds. To send out three sample chapters, synopsis and cover letter etc, it needs three stamps per letter. Then 3 more for return postage. Each stamp is 24p? I can’t remember, but if I have sent them out to 20 agents (and I know it’s a lot more than that!) that’s a small fortune in itself. Plus if an agent is interested, you send on the full manuscript. To send mine it took 13 stamps one way (I told them to recycle it as I couldn’t afford return postage!) no wonder we’re all poor!

In other news (Rant over!( I have 5 packs of swag left in my giveaway!!/events/348024498569004/


4 comments on “Postage!

    • I know, I always worry until I know people have recieved it! I just don’t get how they can charge so much! Especially as the service is sooooo awful here where I live! Plus my mail man is super rude! c’est la vie! I’ll kill him with kindness from now on! x

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