Royalties! I can quit my day job!

Published 01/03/2012 by Lily Crussell

JOKE! I’ve made a grand total of £14 from Dec when I started selling my e-book until now. I’ve had about 900 downloads, but most of thoses were when it was free. I’ve emailed amazon about offering the book for free, but apparently it can only be done 5 days in a three month period! 😮

There is a LOT in the media about the state of the publishing industry, and how impossible it is to actually be published or make any money from it. I never started all this on the intention of being stupidly rich, I just want to make enough so that I can dedicate my time to writing, and not cramming it in between the full time job and everything else. £14 over three months isn’t going to cut it! I’ve been thinking about self publishing, but I know a lot of companies out there are seriously suspect. Has anyone out there used a great self publishing company?

Love and hugs x



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