Published 21/02/2012 by Lily Crussell

I’d like to appologise to the one person that reads this for not having posted! I’ve been staying with the bf and didn’t take my laptop so haven’t been able to. Not much to report really, downloads of my book have slowed to about 1 a week which sucks. But it’s better than nothing.

Haven’t gotten much done, though I did have a couple of good writing/reworking/editing days so I was happy with that, more than I’ve achieved in ages, so it was all good!

Have a stupid CBT appointment later. Im not finding it helpful. The main problem I have with depression/anxiety is how irrational it makes me sometimes, and to have someone tell you; ‘When you feel that you are about to do something unhelpful, either remove yourself from the situation or count to ten’ isn’t great. If I knew I was going to do something stupid, I wouldn’t do it would I? Urgh. There’s no telling some people, and you know for a fact that my CBT lady has never had a mental problem in her life as I swear she thinks I’m making things up or being awkward on purpose. C’est la vie.

Anyhoo, love and hugs x


2 comments on “Neglect!

  • hi Lily – i’ve just reveiwed this book for I’ve emailed you with a link – its a great book and though YA isn’t usually my genre i really enjoyed it and would recommend to any YA readers who like fantasy novels. Well done on getting it written – so many people say they’d write (or paint etc) if only they had time – people who are born writers or artists make the time! those others simply make excuses. its easier to not do something and make an excuse than to fail but even failure means you’ve tried and thats what counts. I’m looking forward to the follow up and any other books you’ve written.
    As for the depression and remarks – I’m an amputee ( have only one leg) and fall over frequently when wearing a false one. The times people have said “be more careful !” or “try not to do that !” …so i know how much those comments can grate – i don’t want to fall over – it hurts and i simply can’t do anything to avoid it – now i mostly just use my wheelchair.

    • Sorry my sweet, I didn’t realise I had to approve comments so didn’t see this! The book is part of a trilogy, but the second one is in need of MAJOR rewrites and the third is half finished.
      People are so narrowminded sometimes, they have no idea what people are going through, but make nasty comments anyway! Hence why I prefer my imaginary characters to people! lol x

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