omg I’ve actually written something!

Published 13/02/2012 by Lily Crussell

A writer that writes? Never! Well, my block has been beaten aside and I’ve actually written a couple of pages, something which I thought wouldn’t happen for a VERY long time. Not writing to me, is an alien thing, it’s a compulsion, an obsession, and such a part of my life I don’t consider it something I have a choice in. Not being able to write is awful. I’m grumpy, useless to everyone and completely restless and horrible to be around.

Also I am reading the Hinger Games Trilogy again as the movie will be coming out soon. I’m really excited about this as I loved the first book. I loved the first half of the second book, but the third had me using a lot of swearwords. I won’t go into more detail in case you haven’t read them, but everyone should! Everyone. Not just teens, not just boys or girls, everyone. They are amasing. My only annoyance is that I can’t UNREAD them so I can experience them anew again. There are so many books I would love to unread! That would be awesome!

Listening to the Silent Hill 2 OST as I’m in a weird mood and the world was very foggy and Silent Hill-esque when I woke up this morning. Creepy to say the least.

My mood is pretty good. I got a lot done today, even though I fell asleep at some point with ‘Catching Fire’ on my face which left a big red mark, but c’est la vie, I’ve fallen asleep in weirder positions.


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