Door to door

Published 29/01/2012 by Lily Crussell

Urgh! Don’t anyone ever tell me I don’t want this! I spent entirely too long over the last couple of days putting postcards through people’s doors. I always used to get cross with people that did this, I get no end of menus and info asking me to sell my house and it really bugs me, but having done it myself (in the pouring rain might I add) they have my sympathy. There are some rubbish jobs out there, but this one is pretty bad. Not only was it wet and cold, all the letter boxes were stiff and constantly snapping down on my already painful hands (the cold was making my fingers pink and blue) BUT! I had Jared Leto singing to my on my ipod so that made it a little better. What made it a LOT better was my other half coming out to meet me, even though it was pouring and grim, he walked through the estate to find me and keep me company. I am a very lucky girl in this respect. Plus we saw a double rainbow which also cheered me up.

I had thought I’d handed them all out so was relieved to return home, only to find a tonne more in my bag. yuck yuck yuck. But I figure if anyone asks, I’m proving my dedication to my work. I spend 100% of the time I should be writing advertising. I have NO idea about how to go about it. It’s not something they ever taught in school, but I’m learning through trial and error what gets results and what doesn’t. Leafletting – bad! Warm house after leafletting – good! But I do have more sympathy for the poor so and sos that have to do that for a job, all day, every day.

So anyone out there wanting to advertise their books…don’t leaflet, it’s painful and doesn’t seem to get results!


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