Covert Ops!

Published 24/01/2012 by Lily Crussell

I didn’t bother with my ninja costume, an was wearing a pretty obvious bright turquoise coat, but that didn’t stop me from some serious guerilla advertising.

I think my local library will be banning me pretty soon.

It started with me taking out about 20 books at a time, lugging them home, putting my bookmarks in them, then returning them. A backbreaking task when you don’t drive! But then, my brain actually started working, and I started bookmarking the books in the library. Makes more sense right? I am a little bit blonde. Unfortunately, I’m such a wuss, I spend the whole time popping my head over the bookcases like a bunny because I’m so worried someone is going to catch me and chuck me out. I look seriously suspicious, and the library staff now practically follow me around every time I come in. But! I’d say about half the teen fiction books now have my bookmarks in them, and no one seems to be removing them. Mwahahahaahahhaahhahhaa! I feel really naughty when I’m finished, which is ridiculous as I’m not damaging the books, I’m no even moving them around into the wrong places, plus the people who take them out get a pretty, free bookmark. 🙂

Anyone out there got any fun covert ops guerilla advertising stories?


Love and hugs


p.s Sorry about the infrequency of posts recently, everything is…difficult…in the real world at the moment which I’m not going to go into as I’m sure you all have better things to be doing, but things might be a little sporadic for a while as I’ve moved house (:( ) and am nursing a broken heart. x


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