FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published 20/01/2012 by Lily Crussell

Ok, practically free.

I’m giving the next 20 downloaders of my book all the stuff in the picture; (colours may vary!)


I’ll need proof of purchase so either a screen cap or photo of the screen with the date and proof of purchase upon it. Once done, send me a message via here, or my facebook page and we’ll exchange emails to sort addresses etc.
This blooming bookmarks took me two full days of designing, printing, cutting, laminating, cutting and folding so I quite honestly will be glad to see them go! If you can’t see from the picture, you’ll get several bookmarks, a magnet, sticker and a couple of postcards. Give them all to friends/family or stick them wherever you want.
Unfortunately due to be ridiculously poor, this comp is only open to UK this time around, but I’ll see how this one goes then look into a US / rest of world one if it goes well.
So get downloading, the book is only 99p (you’d spend more on a can of coke and a bar of chocolate and they won’t last you as long as the e-book and bookmarks!)
 See my facebook for more pictures of the super sexy bookmarks and more info, or if you have any questions, facebook me, tweet or message through here.
Good luck y’all
Lily x

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