Published 16/01/2012 by Lily Crussell

I am slightly oblivious in my little corner of the world. I miss all the gossip and action until it is long over, but if you haven’t heard about the huge blowup on Goodreads between authors and reviewers, this kick butt blog sums it up pretty well;


Anyhoo, when did it become acceptable to attack readers? When did authors become so wussy? You put your work out there, not everyone is going to love it. Not everyone loves Shakespeare. Not everyone loves GACKT and we all know he is a genius! (Go look him up ;p) But that is beside the point. If someone gives you a bad review, get over it. Seriously. It’s going to happen. There are no end of varying opinions out there, you can’t please everyone. Just chalk it up to either; bad luck, bad taste or bad day. Then move on. I’m sure the reviewer has. Get a big bar of vegan chocolate and nom until it all feels better. Go cuddle someone. Take a walk around the block, and then move on!

It’s bad etiquette, bad manners and bad publicity to attack a reviewer, especially when that person spent their hard earned cash on your book. I just honestly can’t believe authors and agents got involved in such a public way! They took one bad review and turned into into this huge thing, so now everyone hates them because of their terrible attitudes. The quality of the book is now no longer an issue because people will only know the author for the huge online campaign against the reviewer. They do say there is no such thing as bad publicity, and I for one have been seriously curious about some ‘bad books’ and end up trying them out just to see if they are that bad. But to actually go out of your way to attack someone online…I just don’t think it’s acceptable. Unless someone slates some of my work, then it’s perfectly fine ;p

Love and Hugs xxxx


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