When will I be famous?

Published 15/01/2012 by Lily Crussell

Something I have realised since seriusly trying to become a published author, is that you have to sell yourself. I was under thismisguided impression that an agent loves your book, sells it to a publisher, then THEY fund/organise the advertising. NUH UH. It now works the other way around. The industry is so difficult and cut throat now days that YOU (the author) have to make yourself famouos BEFORE approaching agents. Why would they possibly want to read the manuscript you spent years sweating over if you’re not famous? It’s not about the writing anymore sweetie. If someone from a reality tv show can get a book published when they have NO experience and no real want to be an author, why can’ t those of us killing ourselves trying to get our work read. It’s all about celebrity. If you were a famous singer/dancer/talent show contestant who has any kind of publicity surrounding them, you will be APPROACHED by agents. they will seek you out. They will offer you a book deal even if you haven’t any desire to write a book. They’ll advertise, smooze you and essentially get the thing written for you.

 To me, that just seems ass backwards. As a writer, you expect that you have to have written something to get a book deal. Not anymore kids. No, today if you’re famous, you get a book deal. If you’re not, you either have to get famous, or kill yourself advertising yourself wherever and whenever. Not for you? Me either. Self promotion has never been my thing. I’d rather my work spoke for itself. How is the noob writer supposed to even know how to get started? You learn from someone who’s already made the mistakes for you, so kids, feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I figure someone should learn from my mistakes 🙂

Love and hugs x


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