A rose by any other name…

Published 02/01/2012 by Lily Crussell

I don’t have kids, and from my naming of characters recently, I’m thinking that is definately a good thing. After some of the names I have heard celebrities come up with, I think their children should possibly be taken into care. Audioscience. Seriously? Do you hate your child? But! I can’t complain too much as I have spent a large chunk of the day looking at baby naming websites to name a couple of characters who wouldn’t tell me their names. By this, I mean that some characters come prenamed. As soon as they appear in my mind, they have a name, and they’re adamant that I’m not changing it. Some characters are personalities and have no appearance, and as such, no name. Some’s faces just don’t fit with any name I can think of, or know of, so I turn to the trusty baby namer sites.

My mother would be thrilled if she saw my favourite websites list and would start buying babygros and other baby things. Sorry mum, it ain’t happening any time soon. My ‘kids’ are already grown and are just waiting for me to catch up to them and write their lives and situations. For example; Elora from ‘Of Darkness and Light’ was named after the baby in Willow. It was a name I loved and hadn’t heard before and HAD to use. She was fully formed and telling me what was happening to her long before I had any clue of how to reign her in. There is NO reigning in of characters. They won’t have it. You are just a vessel for their story. Yes, it’s slightly like being schizophrenic.

Some characters I steal names for. I am fixated on J names so have had; Jack, Jackson, Jared, Jareth and several others as minor characters. If I have had a crush on a movie star or person in real life, I steal their name. Jack ofcourse is after Jack Sparrow, Jack Harkness (Torchwood) and all the wonderful Jacks that have come before. Jackson is the delightful Jackson Rathbone, actor and singer of 100 Monkeys. Jared…well, if you need to ask! The wonderful all singing, all dancing Jared Leto. Jareth is of course the Troll King from Labrynth. And on and on ad infinitum. Names are wonderful things heavy with such meaning that they can add another level to a character. Find out the meanign of the names you are going to use before you do, they can be completely conflicting with the person you are writing. This obviously can work to your advantage, but if your reader is as fixated on meaning as I am, it may grate on their reading experience. Readers also love hidden extra levels of characters and when the name has meaning it can be a nice little added extra fact that they know about the book.

On a completely unrelated note, I am completely obsessed with Adam Lambet’s ‘What do you want from me.’ Love it!

Much love xxxx

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