Published 22/12/2011 by Lily Crussell

Ok, I’m not a big fan of ranting blogs, but I am not a happy bunny today.

First off, we have a competition I was going to enter, see the article about it here; http://www.thepassivevoice.com/12/2011/amazonpenguin-breakthrough-novel-contest-includes-some-traps/

Essentially, Penguin and Amazon have been running a comp for a few years to put new authors in print. Sounds good huh? It’s not. The contract is a joke and I find it insane that anyone is expected to sign their rights away like that! The article is a great warning for anyone thinking of entering, I myself will not be after reading that! I would encourage anyone else to think carefully about it before they do.

Obviously at the end of the day it’s the individual’s choice, but read the fine print. Would you be satisfied with your work and rights being treated in that way?

Secondly, that awful person from Jersey Shore now has a book out. It’s getting seriously old finding out that people who have never had any interest in getting a book published are having book deals thrown at them. Some of us have been killing ourselves for years and aren’t even close to the position they find themselves in. I can pretty much predict the content of the book; she describes her wardrobe, nights out and drinking binges. There can’t be any more to it than that as that is what she is promoted as. But its the public that spends its hard earned cash on these types of book that causes this to happen. If you are an author, please think about what isng to the industry before purchasing those ‘celebrity’ books. You know you’ll be donating them to a charity shop in a couple of months anyway.

I hate being ranty, but it really, really aggregates me when I am trying so hard with my work to find that people are HANDED book deals who couldn’t care less and just want the money!


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