Books for Noobs

Published 21/12/2011 by Lily Crussell

I have read no end of books on writing, publishing etc etc and thought I’d spare you wasting all your hard earned cash by recommending a few. If there are some not listed that you think should be, it’s probably because I haven’t read them or didn’t find them helpful;

Some writers deserve to starve – Elaura Niles. I’m biased as her first name is the same as in my Nephilim series (though a different spelling) This book is an interesting read, but I didn’t find it that useful. Maybe buy second hand or borrow? It’s a fun, quick read, but I didn’t find much info that I could actually use, though there are some good examples of query letters.

Children’s Writers and Artists Yearbook – I think this is invaluable to anyone wanting to break into getting a YA book published, if only for the lists of agents, what they are looking for and extensive lists of publishers too. I personally prefer C W &I Market, but as it is aimed at an American audience, the agent info etc isn’t much use.

Get Known Before the Book Deal – Christina Katz – Not finished yet.

Beginning Writer’s Answer Book – Get the most up to date version of this. A lot of questions answered that I never even thought to ask. Very useful.

Writing and Selling the YA Novel – Not read yet.

How to write a damn good novel – James N Frey – I haven’t finished this, but it instantly put my back up with its advice to people to want to be authors; Quit your job and write. If only this were actually an option! I would love nothing more than to tell my boss where to stick his rubbish, underpaid retail job, but unfortunately I have bills to pay, rent and need to eat occassionally. Don’t ever listen to anyone who dispenses this advice!



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