New Friends

Published 16/12/2011 by Lily Crussell

I’ve made a tonne of new friends on facebook which always makes me happy. I find it difficult to find people in the real world that get as passionate about reading and writing as I do.

It’s currently snowing outside and I’m very, very gald to be indoors wrapped up in a fleece, unfortunately the other half isn’t here to provide hot chocolate and snuggles, but I’ll have to make do.

I’ve been thinking about lot about my writing and what I should be working on. I’ve been reading some fantastic books about publishing, but most also depress the hell out of me with their statistics about how many people actually get published, how hard it is to get noticed even if your story is the most amasing thing in the world etc etc. There was also an article written by several literary agents about what they were currently looking for. Annoyingly, I wrote a series about angels long before they became the new ‘thing’ and agents are totally over them. They don’t want to see anymore manuscripts on this subject. I have spent a good three years and a small fortune getting it editted and critiqued and now find it may not be any use to me anymore! Argh! So I will probably head to kindle and pop it on there if I can work out how to do it. I was looking to put another story on there, but as this one won’t be getting published, I may as well push that one ahead. It will be the start of a series, so there will be more to come. I’ll pop the first chapter up for you all to have a look at and let me know what you think! I’m a big girl, you can tell me (preferrably constructively!) if it sucks! It may be a little while before the whole thing appears on kindle as I’m not that up to date on how these things work (shocking as most of my age group are probably running the whole internet as we speak!) so I will be sorting that out today, hopefully. The first page will be up on a seperate section, probably the ‘Series’ page.

The snow’s getting heavier! So excited! Anyone want to come make me a Vegan hot chocolate? ;p


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